182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

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Indian Minister will go to Ukraine’s Border for Evacuation of Indian Student

Amid Russia and Ukraine war many countries are facing the impact of war including India. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi called a meeting to discuss the situation of the Russia-Ukraine war and the students that struck in Ukraine.

 182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

Indian Government is taking a major step by sending the four Union Ministers to Ukraine’s border amid war situations between Russia and Ukraine. Union Minister will help evacuation mission near the Ukraine border by making the connection between different embassies.

The ministers who will go for the Evacuation of Indian Students are Hardeep Puri, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kiren Rijiju, and Gen VK Singh. The ministers are going to the bordering nations of Ukraine with the main object of Evacuation of Indian Nationals including with Indian Students who went to Ukraine for study.

The standard meeting was held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal in which ministers including Prime Minister Narendra Modi had talked about the issue of Russia-Ukraine and at last, he decided to send them to Ukraine’s border area.

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This step by Narendra Modi amid ongoing elections in many states in India can impact the voters as well. The tension situation of the border of Ukraine could apprehend anyone near about itself and when everyone wanted to escape the regime India has sent its four Union Ministers is a courageous step by the Indian Government.

The Russia-Ukraine War has impacted every country and countrymen. One of the major problems which are at the main issue is the civilian’s security including with the foreigners like Indians. In an Emergency in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenski already said his citizens to hold the gun to defend their Ukraine, the security of foreigners becomes an impossible duty to obey. India has taken a courageous step to evacuate our Indian Students from Ukraine.

Air India is making its huge efforts to help the evacuation process and recently on Tuesday at 7 Am 182 Indians Including Students landed in Mumbai.

  182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

How Russia-Ukraine War Development Happened

Russia has always said Ukraine is a part of Russia and Vladimir Putin also has raised the issue many times before United Nations about the Expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) near the Russian Border States including Ukraine. Russia is the rivalry of NATO originated on the bitter relation how one enemy can accept its enemy near its border.

The surge in the tension came when Ukraine was about to sign the membership of NATO because it has been received economic help from the US. After looking at Russia’s intention to invade Ukraine, US President Joe Biden also started to make a fearful statement against Russia and one such statement when Joe Biden says Citizens of Russia are not our enemy.

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Russian President has attracted the Russian Follower community known as Separatist Community follower and started giving them the free Visa and economical support which works as the magnet of Russia and generated a Russian Aura inside them. On 22 Feb 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave recognition to two states of Ukraine Donetsk and Luhansk, and declared them Independent. This step of Russia begins the Invasion of Ukraine with Putin’s order.

Russia ordered its troops into Ukrainian cities and started capturing the important places of Ukraine. Russia has never accepted the word ‘Invasion’ instead it always assumed its action as a Special Military Operation in Ukraine to protect the civilians against the troops of Ukraine. Russia also kept saying that it is not targeting the civilian area but the deteriorating buildings are revealing better than Russia's words.

 182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

We all know that Russia is the superpower of the world and it can capture such a small country as it included earlier Crimea has been invaded in 2016. Similarly, now it is aimed at Ukraine and later we have seen how Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World.

Russia has taken the control of Kyiv which is the capital of Ukraine after deteriorating the happy life of Kyiv where the condition even worse and the fight between the Russian soldiers and Ukrainian Soldiers started fighting in the Street of Kyiv.

Many times, many global leaders appealed to Russia to stop the killing of lives but Putin never listened to anyone including United Nations also condemned the action of Russia in Ukraine. Some also said that Russia-Ukraine War could come at ease and Putin may hold talks with Zelensky.

 182 More Indians Evacuated And Reached Mumbai Amid Russia And Ukraine War

The civilians of Ukraine including foreigners faced tough days this month and a huge proportion also migrated to other nations, some of them protested and hold a weapon against Russian amid such a period a tiny miracle child Mia was bornin an underground Metro Station and listened to the missile attack voice.

Putin is a world leader and he can destroy many such countries including the US and Ukraine. He said in a meeting to puts Nuclear forces on high alert.

United Nations has conducted emergency UN meetings of all the members and also organized voting to favor Russia or condemn it. Out of 15 countries, 11 have voted and India including China and Russia with UAE didn’t participate in the voting.

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