Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World
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25-Feb-2022 , Updated on 2/25/2022 3:22:30 AM

Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World

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Russia’s Ruthless Attacks on Ukrainian Shocked the World, Left the UN Helpless  

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has requested the United Nations (UN) including other companions to stop the attack of Russia over Ukraine, President Zelenskyy said his country was “left alone” to fight Russia. Russia’s attack has the main concern of the NATO expansion leads to a threat to Russia's security.

The attacks begin as Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered recognition to two states of Ukraine and declare them independent after which it expand its strength to the states.

   Russia s Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World

NATO left Ukraine alone in the middle of war ground in front of Russia’s Anger. NATO clearly stated on Thursday that it will not send its military help to Ukraine as it is not a member of NATO and similar words uttered by Joe Biden as we can’t help Ukraine on its ground, America has announced to give $20 million Human Aid to Russia. I remember the statement of Joe Biden when it stated “Citizens of Russia are not our enemy” which represents Joe Biden as the Biggest Rivalry of Russia but the action of Russia speaks not so.

United Nations in this regard is helpless and requested Russia to avoid war and resolve the issue with the diplomatic talks but instead of several other countries, Russia continued its rude anger with the help of missiles, air attacks, military attacks, navy attacks under the name of Special Military Attack. This Military Operation will be the most dangerous in the history of the world which could kill millions of Ukrainians.

As per the data delivered by Zelenski till Friday morning 137 people killed, including 10 military officers, and 316 people injured so far. US President Joe Biden keeps telling the world including other analysts that Russia might attack Ukraine but instead of having a future vision no one stepped forward to help Ukraine and instead of Helping they provoke Russia to be more savage to Ukraine.

  Russia s Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World

NATO has already delivered the first batch of US military troops and equipment and Joe Biden said 'Washington will intervene if Putin moves into NATO’s countries' that are present in close to Ukraine Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

As per the latest information, the Russian Military occupied the major part of Ukraine and the President said they have lost control of the Chernobyl nuclear site, the site of the 1986 disaster.

  Russian President’s move to invade Ukraine is not intended to cover the civilian colony but as per the images and data, the attacks cover every part of Ukraine including civilian houses. Russia is assumed to be some miles away from Kyiv which is the center of Ukraine. So far the knowledge received by the Reuter agency that President Zelensky said after launching the missile in morning 4 am Friday, 25 Feb 2022 the military stopped its movement of marching and stopped their advancing.

The democratic countries including America and Taiwan all are increasing the weight of sanctions over the head of Russia but Russia has bowed to kill Ukrainian Attitude towards NATO allies.

Where most countries are criticizing the killings of Ukrainian, China has denied accepting its attack instead it said Russia is doing what he thinks needs to be done for the welfare of all the people of Ukraine. China’s view of the situation is very disgusted because any country which is registered under the name of the United Nations should obey its provisions of the UN Charter as it was endorsed in 1945 under which it is not allowed as Russia to attack any country.

   Russia s Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World

Including China, Pakistan has a similar intention towards Russia‘s attack and also Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Russia and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the situation of Ukraine. During his visit, he said the attack of Russia in Ukraine is Exciting for me, well I am not surprised with Pakistan supporting war and life destruction as in my opinion Pakistan is a terrorist funding country and the world to employ terror in a different part of the world.

India also has its sharp eyes in Ukraine- Russia Conflict and of course, it should be because many Indian students are living under the fear of losing their lives. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to Russian President Vladimir Putin and raised the issue of the threat of international economic loss, losing lives, and international trade. As per the information, Putin told the development of NATO near its border countries and reveal the intention of making international ties internationally.

Narendra Modi also raised the concern of Indian students who are still present in Ukraine, Indian Airlines Air India flew to Ukraine to fetch Indians on Wednesday but the Air Plane returned without landing in Ukraine due to an emergency imposed and all ways were banned as no one allowed to go out of Ukraine due to multiple attacks on its land.

 Russia s Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Shocked the World

Russia’s concern for its security against NATO’s expansion is right and no one will allow its rival to live in its territory and hence it stopped Ukraine to be a part of NATO but Putin should not kill the civilians of Ukraine as per the human law. Russia is a part of the United Nations and it also signed the charter that was signed by all the countries including the five which involved Russia, the USA, France, the UK, and China.

The charter involved the provision that is totally against Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and hence it is violating the law made by him. I respect Russia’s serenity but I am not ready to accept its bullying behavior as Ukraine’s President stated that if Russia attacks Ukraine we will face the Attacks with full responsive power.

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