Russia- Ukraine War: Putin Puts Nuclear Forces on High Alert

Russia- Ukraine War: Putin Puts Nuclear Forces on High Alert

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Is Vladimir Putin ready for Nuclear Attack over Ukraine?   

Russia- Ukraine war situation is making itself tense as on Sunday, 27 Feb 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin orders his nuclear deterrent on high alert. As per the analysts, Russia has decided after feeling the weight of sanctions over Russia.

  Russia Ukraine War Putin Puts Nuclear Forces on High Alert

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already warned all the countries to not interfere in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and if anyone does so then the consequences would be such as never have done in history.

US and other its supportive nations have used a strong “aggressive statement” amid widespread condemnation of his invasion of Ukraine.

Last week Putin warned the other countries “whoever tries to hinder us” in Ukraine would see the consequences “you have never seen in your history.”

European Union, after Putin announced nuclear forces on High Alert, imposed many sanctions over Russia like Financing of weapons for Ukraine, the total ban on Russian Plane on EU airspace, and barring of Russian media outlets Sputnik and Russia today from EU border.

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Russia, in a responsive statement to the Western countries including European Union said the sanction against Russia is ‘illegal’.

US ambassador to the United Nations said that Putin’s deterrent order for a nuclear weapon works as an indication he wanted to escalate the war situation between Russia and Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the step to order its nuclear forces on high alert in an unacceptable manner.

Russia has started its plan after Russia declared the Independence of Donetsk and Luhansk against Ukraine’s integrity. Russia had given recognition to both the states and provoked the separatist community of Ukraine’s border.

Russian President has released an order to enter Ukraine’s border to its troops on 24 February 2022. On the first day when his army sends to Ukraine in the name of Public Security of Ukraine.

   Russia Ukraine War Putin Puts Nuclear Forces on High Alert

Now Russia has its control into Ukraine’s capital Kyiv after facing Ukraine’s high defensive power. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has multiple times requested the other countries for help including NATO but none of them help him in this Russia Invasion of Ukraine.

The President of the US Joe Biden has criticized the Russian action and Russian President in harsh words, he also imposed several sanctions on Russia to weaken its economy. Once in his speech, he said “Russian People are not our enemy” which shows the US view of Ukraine’s Invasion.

Russia’s actions till now have been very deteriorating and they shocked the whole world with its attack on Ukraine.

 If we talk about the Russian Nuclear potential, Russia has the largest Nuclear capacity but on the other hand, NATO also has enough Nuclear capacity to destroy Russia. 

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