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MindStick YourViews is an online space that welcomes you and your thoughts. We are here to provide wings to your dreams with the best services of YourViews Portal. It allows people from all over the world to share their thoughts, opinions, and queries on a public platform.

We are providing a unique identity for your contribution as a View and enhancing your skills to communicate your thoughts and express them on the best public platform.

The objective of the YourViews portal is not to harm the sentiments of any Religion, Cast, Community, and Personality. Also, the portal is never intended to breach the Law of the country. We welcome every individual to express thoughts in our portal. But YourViews portal does not allow people to use the platform for other unfair intentions.

YourViews Portal is capable of bringing social and public changes in the world as we already have millions of users who have contributed thousands of Views to our platform which has transformed many lives and ways of thinking.

YourViews Portal contributes to business solutions like generating brand value and promoting services which directly increases the growth of revenue and strengthens the relationship bond between the clients and the company.


The YourViews portal provides different features to post your views and makes the procedure easy. It provides Audio, Story, and Text format that change the structure, form, or appearance of your thoughts. features also include the promotion of any products and providing a public platform for your content.


Post your opinion in Text Format

  • YourViews provides you an exclusive text format to post your thoughts and give them a unique identity as a View. Text format transforms your internal opinion into living reality content by adding wonderful matching images. Adding images with the text gives a new visual connection with your viewers and keeps it in their memories.
  • Expressing thoughts in the form of text has always been a sophisticated way to reach out to the individuals of society and that will definitely bring some changes in our surroundings.
  • YourViews comment section is designed for giving text comments on your views that also engages your reader with the content. Comments can also include internal linking that makes them more elegant and readable.
  • The Solution Section in YourViews allows people to provide solutions to problems and suggestions. It gives an idea to the people to understand the basic cause of any problems discussed in the content.

Post your opinion in Story Format

  • A magnificent way to introduce your thoughts with the help of Images and Text. You can select the best images according to your thoughts and describe the images with text that will look like a story having images and minimal text.
  • YourViews Story provides a path for your imagination that transforms them into wonderful conclusion-based content of different categories which will be covering all forms of lifestyles in society and leaves a positive impact on any individual’s behavior.
  • The best space for businessmen who want to reveal their journey of business life, success story, product promotion, and generate presence in the online world. It is a great portal for students who will get to know the important facts about their culture, religion, history, and on many categories.

Post your opinion in Audio Format

  • The audio format of the YourViews portal provides an easy way to post your thoughts in the form of a Voice Format. This format demands minimal time in posting and will express clear feelings of the audience. This feature of the portal also enables users to record and upload audio.
  • Audio connects our emotions with listeners and it sounds like a podcast that enhances engagement with the series of audio.
  • The vast category of audio will not let you alone and keeps you updated with the latest trends in national and international matters, motivational speeches by famous personalities, Healthcare speeches, and many more.

Product Promotion

  • How brand value affects your sales and growth in business revenue? It generates loyalty and Royalty in relation to clients and companies which multiplies your sales and increases the revenue of your company.
  • Building your brand awareness in the online medium is directly proportional to the pace of engaging the target audience from the market.
  • YourViews Portal is the best solution for all the problems related to business branding like it generates familiar connections among your consumers with your brand, name, logo, and characteristics, and cultivates clients' trust in your company.
  • Millions of users including companies and investors visit daily in YourViews portal and invest their part of the day with our highly professional content on YourViews, stories, and audio that will have a great possibility to generate leads for your products and services.

YourViews Services

YourViews portal introduces you to its services which include generating brand value, promoting products, making an online presence, and working on sponsorships. Our services connect your profile to your viewers which makes a cordial relationship. All the services are explained here.


YourViews Services include a service of promotion in which we promote the company’s profile, its services and products. Our portal will contribute in generating your brand value in the market by giving the valuable content in online world.

Product Advarties

Just like we support your ideas as a companion and provide them wings to fly, Our YourViews portal also welcomes your business-related ideas, products, and startups here and supports them by providing a suitable platform that will generate a good amount of brand value for your ideas.

Self Employed

The YourViews portal being a public portal addresses you and your unique identity in the public. We welcome your story, awards, information, and news related to you, to publish and promote it on our platform


YourViews portal of MindStick welcomes you to post your thoughts in text format. Expressing thoughts in the form of text has always been a sophisticated way to reach out to the individuals of the society and that will definitely bring some changes in our surroundings.

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