Bucha Killings is 'A Genocide' of Civilians of Ukraine
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08-Apr-2022 , Updated on 4/8/2022 12:36:31 AM

Bucha Killings is 'A Genocide' of Civilians of Ukraine

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Burning Flesh, Flowing Blood, and a bullet shot in the head found in Bucha

Russia-Ukraine War is not ready to accept humanity and peace as day by day it gives new horrific scenes and lessons. International Human Right Commission including many other International Peace promoting Organizations has kept its finger to its mouth and peacefully watched the ‘Deadly Game’ of Russia and Ukraine.

 Bucha Killings is A Genocide of Civilians of Ukraine

More than 300 dead bodies were found with wounded hands and cut legs, in a Kyiv suburb called Bucha. The region of Ukraine has faced the highest destruction and loss of lives. The scene in Bucha memorizes World War II.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine began after Russian Leader Vladimir Putin ordered its forces to abrogate the peace and happiness of Ukraine. A month had been passed when Russia started its invasion but it did not receive the victory in Kyiv.

Russian Forces leave Kyiv and went back to another region, their tank, bread, butter, and shelter were found where they used to stay and fired at the civilians. Russian Soldiers went leave the place after which many analysts thought Russia has taken back Kyiv but as per US Intelligence, it will be too soon to accept, that Putin gave up Ukraine.

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Germany says about the Bucha Killings that its intelligence has intercepted a radio message in which Russian Troops talk about the killings of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. Germany is the first country that is blaming Russia for such a massacre but Russia’s officials have denied the civilian killings.

Uncertainty is everywhere in the world for such silent killings as ‘Bucha Killings’ and ‘Kashmiri Pandits Genocide in which a specific group of people was brutally murdered in front of all the humanitarians.

 Bucha Killings is A Genocide of Civilians of Ukraine

Bucha Killings involves hundreds of killings of Civilians but neither Russia’s Forces nor Murderers are accepting their heinous crimes. Ukrainian President Zelensky told in a media recording that Borodianka is more brutally murdered than Bucha.

International Organisations should take strong action against the perpetrators of such brutal crimes. The International Court of Justice should involve in the matter and ordered the international agency to probe the Killings and find the criminals.

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