Russia-Ukraine War: It's too soon to say Russia has given up

Russia-Ukraine War: It's too soon to say Russia has given up

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Russo- Ukrainian War began on 24 February 2022 

Russian Ruler Vladimir Putin has given up on capturing Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. The towns near the city are vacant by Russian forces and now after capturing the city, Ukrainian soldiers are counting the dead body of civilians and evaluating the situation of the city.

Russia Ukraine War It s too soon to say Russia has given up

Putin calls off his forces from Kyiv, and the decision of Russia has been assumed that Russia had given up on capturing Kyiv despite the strategy shift.

Western officials and some analysts said that returning its forces from Kyiv is not necessarily given up on trying to capture the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv instead of it is shifting its focus to the other parts of Ukraine like Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

As General Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary of NATO said on Tuesday, over the next few weeks analysts expect to resupply and reposition its army with a new aim of brutal attack over the region of Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

His words were like “They will be rearmed because they have used a lot of ammunition,” adding more “and they will be resupplied with fuel and all the things they need, food and so on, to launch a new big offensive.”

Russia Ukraine War It s too soon to say Russia has given up

Amid Russia-Ukraine War, nothing is clear about the intention of Putin as the talks to resolve the dispute are going on between both countries. The US and its allies told about the possibility to reinvade the Kyiv region after he gained victory in the Southern region and Eastern region.

It may be too early to think Russia has given up to capture Kyiv. If we turn the pages of the history of Russia and its leader Putin he has never taken back in such a situation. For some time if we forget the record, how we can accept it will face the defeat of Ukraine, the country that claimed to be an integral part of Russia. All NATO countries are indeed pushing Russia with the weight of sanctions but Russia will never let Ukraine be a part of the NATO alliance.

As per the US official “Russia’s goal, in the last, is to weaken Ukraine as much possible,” said Jake Sullivan.

Where many presented their vision over Russia-Ukraine War, a European Official said “There is only one way out of the war, and that is for Ukraine to win.”

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