Indiscriminate Russian Shelling is Awaited, Ukrainian Military Says

Indiscriminate Russian Shelling is Awaited, Ukrainian Military Says

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Ukrainian Military warns of more indiscriminate Russian shelling

Ukraine faced four weeks of Russia’s cruelty that resulted in many destructions including the humanity, economy, and the lives of the Ukrainians. Ukrainian cities are waiting to be destroyed fully with Russian Shelling.

Indiscriminate Russian Shelling is Awaited Ukrainian Military Says

Russian shelling is going through hard roads in Ukraine because Ukrainian got the support of the USA and Some Nato countries. In overall consequences, the Russian military didn’t get success to capture any major city of Ukraine but Russian Forces are focused to deteriorate Ukraine’s cities like Kharkiv, Summy, and Chernihiv.

A major portion of Ukrainian migrated to other parts of the world mostly to the bordering countries like Poland. Numbers of foreigners from Ukraine reached their own countries including India too. Indian government successfully evacuated the 25,000 plus Indians from Ukraine under the mission ‘Ganga’ in which four Union Ministers were sent to help the evacuation process.

The Russian economy is facing huge sanctions from different countries like the USA’s President Joe Biden increased the weight of the sanctions that will create pressure over Russia. European Union also closed its ties with Russia and now planning to impose sanctions over Russia’s lucrative energy sector.

 Indiscriminate Russian Shelling is Awaited Ukrainian Military Says

As per the analyst, War between both countries could lead to annihilation for the world. It is known the war is between the Nato Countries and Russia. Russia was wanted to save its boundaries with the Nato’s boundaries and Ukraine is going to join the Nato alliance which is opposing the theories of Russia of defending its boundaries.

Vladimir Putin orders Russian forces to enter Ukraine and confiscated most cities of Ukraine. Russia has bombed many civilians areas of Ukraine in which civilians faced the worst time with their eyes. A baby girl was born in the underground Metro station just after the Russian Missile hit Kyiv City.

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