Need Renovation in Education System

17-Oct-2018 , Updated on 10/17/2018 4:21:07 AM

Need Renovation in Education System

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Education is one of the important pillar of any country to sustain and survive in front of other Developed and Developing Countries. Education makes present and future of a country. Being an Indian, we all know the condition of our countries education system. The government is not giving the required amount of priority and attention which is required. As it is every citizen's right to get educated and silently everyone wants renovation in Education System, as well as many people are voicing their demand to change the pattern of providing aid on the basis of “Financial Condition” rather onSocial/Categorical Condition”.

While doing a comparison on which aid/help should be provided to students, I came across that Financial Condition of any student should be considered inspite of Categorical Condition. Now we need to change this Categorical aid criterion because due to this we are ignoring and losing many of our genuine and qualified candidates.

                                                                                 Need Renovation in Education System

In my opinion, a Categorical selection doesn’t justify that selected candidate is apt for the respected post because we are considering a low-rank candidate inspite of a candidate who is more qualified and scored good marks than the selected one. I think we should suppose to change these selection criteria to improve the work environment in government sectors as well.

Similarly, in Schools we all have witnessed that schools select candidates for admission on the basis of family income first then they consider the knowledge of the student. Schools made it a profession to generate more money for the sake of providing quality education. Schools don’t even hesitate in stopping child’s education if parents are not being able to pay the fees on time. Due to this issue, parents have to compromise with the education of their children’s. So they choose one of their children to take quality education and here they prefer their son’s education in front of their daughter. Therefore, the discrimination between both the gender arises.

                                                                                Need Renovation in Education System

Whereas, many Schools and Colleges are there to promote education among women’s and give a loud and clear message of Women Empowerment. Nowadays, we all are witnessing that women’s are outperforming than boys. So, we have to promote education for both the genders and not on the Caste basis but on the Financial Condition.

It is not only an Education related issue but also a Social issue as well. We are living in this society and it is our duty to improve and enhance our society, not only with education but also by being a responsible citizen of our country India. Only an educated India can make a good, bright and a Developed India as well in near future.

 So at last, I would like to request you all to raise your voice against it by letting the State Governments and Central Government know that what change India wants. Make government learn that, this new generation is aware of their Present as well as Future generation too. We need to work together and renovate/change the Education pattern. We can’t be an Intolerance about the Education quality and future of our country.

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