What is this Intolerance?

Over the past few months, I am witnessing that social media and the news channels bulge with the news of a rapid increase in intolerance among folks. Crimes, Mob lynching and disputes resulting in murders and other related crimes are pretty common these days.  

People are not able to accept any facts, discussion, debates and several other things which is main reason a conflict begins.

Every time anything is been done in the country by our government people gets categorized in several groups and start revolting against any decision or a rule which is been accomplished. You may have seen how folks reacted on the government’s decisions and several amendments made over Triple Talaq, LGBT and legalization of extra marital affair.

What is this Intolerance?

Intolerance creates the status of disputes between dislikes, denials, and people. At the same time tolerance promotes unity in diversity (India is the most appropriate example). Tolerance is the ability which develops a positive attitude towards those people who have different religions, practices, opinions, and nationalism in their minds. Intolerance is a condition of failure that inspires people to dislike the beliefs, beliefs, and traditions of people related to the other group. For example, a high level of intolerance exists between the Jews and the Palestinians in Israel. In intolerance society, inter-group gives birth to violence. 

How it affects our community?

Intolerance in society is born for many reasons. Generally, religious intolerance is born in society, which divides the nation. This creates the condition of neighbors' mutual war against neighbors. Intolerance can arise due to the absence of their own experiences generated among individuals. Generally, they make their opinions based on each other's beliefs, which are very easily influenced by the positive and negative beliefs of their closest or most influential people. 

What is this Intolerance?

Personal attitudes towards another person in different groups can also be influenced very easily by his / her images in the media. Bad teaching system based on myths also creates barbarians against other culture instead of motivating students to various religions living in society. Tolerance is those qualities that inspire people to live happily and obey the principle of letting Gezi and others live.

Intolerance is terrible and rejected properties which must be suppressed for the uplift of society. It destroys the people of various groups against each other and the ability to develop the country. People living in an intolerant society can also launch a deadly attack to demonstrate their rejection of the ideas, behaviors, practices, and beliefs of people related to other communities. Intolerance can be religious, ethnic or any other type, however, in every way hinders the growth and development of the nation.

What is this Intolerance?

These are an international problem due to differences in religious, cultural, traditions, customs, and people's views. This is the main reason for the war between people or nations. The better education system, the development of tolerance and better use of agreements etc. can be solved to a great extent.

Intolerant people can never accept anyone who has been the main issue in the whole world since ancient times. Intolerance makes people angry and violent against each other (people of various religions and castes). Good education methods teach them to control intolerance. Tolerance should be taught to take into account the children's school life. They should also teach to accept diversity in society.

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