Be a nice citizen because it doesn't cost you a single penny...!

There are all types of citizens in a society, country or nation - very good, good, bad and very bad. Good and ideal citizens make the country power-rich, prosperous, happy, calm and organized. These citizens are of great importance in all political, social, economic, ethical views.

The more the number of these ideal citizens, the more fortunate the country is. Firstly, an ideal citizen is a big patriot. Patriotism means the unbreakable love, deep affection and dedication to the motherland and the country. But not all citizens can be like this. Many civilians are traitors and deceitful instead of being patriots.

They can do any low work for their personal selfishness. Such people are a stigma for the society. We must always be careful with these. These people are demons in the presence of human beings; In contrast, the ideal civilian form of God and supreme patriot. In both war and peace conditions, they are engaged in the countryside.

For the country, they do not even care for their lives for national interest. Gandhiji, Nehru, Subhash, Lala Lajpatrai, Sardar Bhagat Singh etc. were the comrades of the ideal citizens. They died for the country. For them, there was nothing more valuable than patriotism. Because of them, today we are free.

An ideal citizen voluntarily obeys discipline. He maintains full responsibility for the rules and regulations of the country. He helps in maintaining the law and order of the officials. He never does anything that is harmful to others, harming the country and society.

He never steals taxes and plays all his responsibilities with full devotion. On the contrary, bad citizens steal taxes, lie, do not cooperate with the authorities and do not come forward in times of crisis.

An ideal citizen is conscious of both his rights and duties. But more than rights he is more aware of his duties. An ideal citizen, household, government employee, businessman, etc., in any situation, takes care of their duties.

They serve as well as they can. He never thinks of his personal and narrow selfishness. He never takes the law into his own hands or lets others take it.
Other citizens also seek inspiration and instructions and try to become like them.

An ideal citizen participates in the election and uses his opinion fairly. He becomes fearless and without partiality and puts his vote in favor of the right person. He considers the value of his opinion as well. Each of his actions is inspired by the spirit of national interest and social welfare. He cooperates with others so that society can become good, Sanskrit, prosperous and happy.

In the underlying, he sees his interest. An ideal citizen is tolerant, self-restrained, truth-loving, hardworking and self-reliant.
He does not have any weight Standing on his feet, raises his family and contributes to the prosperity of the country.

He strongly opposes injustice, violence, dishonesty, fraud, and corruption. He is also moral and religious in the true sense and respects all other religions and sects. He participates enthusiastically in the festivals of other sects.

He lives with the whole brother-in-law and collaboration with many. He has complete integrity in the history, tradition, customs and cultural heritage of the country.
He conserves them while experiencing this great glory, protects them.

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