This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

Education is one of the primary and a mainstream necessity of a child in our country. But still, our literacy rate is awful. Our country is considered as one among the best economies all across the world but education for still looks blurred concept. Recently I was going through a documentary in which I saw the kind of education system Finland is having. I was literally astonished to see their way and their standards of education.  

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

Any discussion or seminar on education in the world is not complete without mentioning Finland. The mystery of Finland's success is in the culture and education system there. Why is Finland on top in the field of education? To find the answer to this question, representatives from many countries visit Finland.

Over the years, Finland has outperformed countries such as Korea, Singapore, and Japan, performing better.

Finland gives parallel access to an instruction to every one of the understudies. Another exceptionally unmistakable part of the Finnish instruction framework is that kids begin going to class just once they are 7 years of age.

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

Not just that, training is free for all understudies, be it from government schools or non-public schools but then, the nature of the substance is precisely same for both the administration and non-public school understudies.

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

In the Indian setting, in any case, there is an excessive number of escape clauses which keep the administration schools from creating and getting to be solid and effective instructive organizations which will assume the part of bestowing training to right around 60% of the Indian populace that lives in country zones.

The mystery behind the success of Finland

In their culture both education, learning and enjoy is a highly respected place. In the 19th century, Finland made a national identity and secured it through investment in education (education for all) after independence. In this way, the foundation was already ready to give way to further development.

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The second most important reason is the slogan "Leave no child back". This slogan was adopted in Finnish schools very soon after the popularity of this slogan was popularized in America. Due to this, efforts were made to bring the students facing problems in the average level of their other classmates on behalf of teachers and assistants. Those who give extra attention to such children so that their learning level could be boosted up just like their fellow classmates.

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

To achieve such success, you need high-quality sensitive teachers. In the field of education, only eleven percent of people applying for election is a teacher; this means that the most enthusiastic people are elected. Due to respect to this present, it is possible that talented students come to teaching professions.

Issues of debate in Finland

There are only three reasons for our academic success. In a recent report, it was reported that Finland's classroom is more authoritative than the rest of the country. Although innovation and partnerships are new and fashionable, they can be harmful to learning and the learning process.

This is what our country needs to adopt from Finland

There are three issues currently discussed in Finland. The first issue is the performance of girls in science and mathematics. At the age of 15, Finland's boys were found to be more than girls in this age group. But this gap is not very much and efforts are being made to fill the gap while presenting positive examples for girls.

Children are given food in the schools here too, people who come here from abroad are surprised at this plan but it is common for folks who are resident of Finland. It is probably a good plan for children's health. The debate here is not to give hot food to the children, but it is on the matter that what children should be served in the food?

Respect for the education and presenting of the teacher

Regarding the presentation of education in the context of India, it is said that the salary is low and the working hours are over. Respecting teachers here is declining. People think teachers do not work in school. There are many challenges in front of the teachers that the teachers themselves feel helpless to face. But there is no one to listen to them.

"Investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

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