We Are Not Porters!!!

Children clinging on Lorries and large buses of schools with kilos of bags on shoulder early in the morning rushing madly towards their respective schools is now a common trend. One could witness ladies chatting over their lads' education with a high emphasis on high-priced schools and quality of content they are being imparted. The large and bigger the school the more pride their parents feel. In kitty parties, aunties often prattling and in loud pitch pronounce the name of the school where their kids being educated. But seldom have I found any children going school with smile and sparkle on a face.

Our Education system which we term as Macaulay’s system of schooling has actually landed these innocents in a swampy land where rescuing is hardly possible. Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry under its Healthcare committee estimates that 68 percent of nursery kid of Indian school might suffer from mild back pain, which can develop into chronic back pain and later into a hunchback.

A famous English newspaper The Indian Express noted that over 88 percent of in the age group of 7-13 carry 45% of the weight of their body which leads to lumber spondylitis at later stages. In a study conducted over more than 2500 children and 1000 parents in cities by Institute of Child health quotes that heavy7 school bags are responsible for neck and back pain.

 Don’t misquote me by reading this Article as I am not against school system but the ordeal which a child bears while he is in the tender as must be understood as many times get suppressed either by family pressure or that crooked, frightening look of a school teacher. Crying children and parents thrashing them into buses of school taking them rebellious or defiant. But scientific and research done shows various other factors too.

It is a true incident of a small town Chandrapur where two school boys held a press meet over being burdened with heavy bags. They revealed that “We carry a minimum of 16 books for subjects daily and sometimes their number increases to 18 or 20, depending upon the classes would be held for the day.” Where our education system is heading towards? Why are we mad rush behind modernity? Can anyone, I am even challenging policy frame workers to answer the questions raised by these duos? This education system, though I am the product of the same Macaulay minded schools and teachers are satisfying only a few columns of all-round development.

However, Bombay High court directed Maharashtra Government issuing guidelines on reduction weight of school bags. The government of Karnataka directed the department of education to make a particular day as a “No Bag Day “. But the plan and policy are still in the files of the department.

I know education is must himself as a social civilized man. But the private schools in the disguise of high-quality education are exploiting the innocence of a young boy and girl. The government must affirmatively direct private, high paid schools to follow the uniform syllabus and discourage them from changing the textbook every year. As hardly any topic gets renewed too early that it needs any modification. We should not foster schools to burden our loved ones. At last, we need a healthy human being, not a bug encrypted machine.

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