Russian Leader Putin's Cruelty Will be Continue in Ukraine
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07-Mar-2022 , Updated on 3/9/2022 12:08:54 AM

Russian Leader Putin's Cruelty Will be Continue in Ukraine

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Russia Rebuffed the United Nations Court Hearing in Case Brought by Ukraine.

Russia- Ukraine Conflict is at its 12th day and still has enough fire to burn the city of Ukraine and Hunger tanks to eat the Ukrainian people. The history of the world is taking a new turn in the regime of Europe. The ongoing war between both countries is the biggest war after World War II in Europe.

  European Hitler Putin s Cruelty Will be Continue in Ukraine

Europe has always been a regime of hot war, once the same situation come up in Cold War between the USA and NATO countries were against the Soviet Union and Russia. The days were looking to turn into the nuclear attack but the memories of World War II restricted them to repeat the bloodshed in the world.

A representative for Kyiv urged the United Nation’s top court to stop Russia from invading Ukraine. Russia has not participated in the hearing which is the means of rebuffing the United Nations Court. The Representative of Ukraine Anton Korynevych asked the Judges of the United Nation's court that Russia must be stopped and 'the court has a role to play in stopping it,” Ukrainian Officials represent the nation.

In the court, the peace place as the Great Hall of Justice in the Court’s Peace Palace headquarters was empty and the seat was vacant. Russia never accepted its action as an illegal and immoral decision of invasion of Ukraine it kept saying Ukraine is violating the Sentiment of Russia by collaborating with NATO organizations.

 Russia Rebuff United Nations Court Hearings and Continued its Cruelty

Russia started its invasion with the start of Russia’s Military Operation in Belarus, it has started its military in the border state of Ukraine but never said about the attack over Ukraine. Analysts have confirmed the evil intention of Vladimir Putin when he declared the independence of the two states of Ukraine and after which it starts entering Ukraine’s area under the shadow of people security of the recognition states.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered its military to enter Ukrainian states and attack its government buildings and military shelters under the name of Special Military Operation. Russia’s action in Ukraine has been condemned by many countries and they also imposed many restrictions on Russia from trade and economy to the technology world.

Netflix, TikTok, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and other giant technology companies have stopped giving services and products in Russia amid Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine. Where a majority of countries are criticizing Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine some countries are appreciating Russia’s decision like China, it has also said Russia’s action should not be compared with the offense instead of its boundaries security.

If we go back to the history of war and conflicting situations, Civilians are the most sub-marginalized section of people who face hard times. We have seen the attacks on Japan when America bombed Japan which resulted in great casualties in the war. Russia is deteriorating in the same way in Ukraine as the USA in Japan.

  European Hitler Putin s Cruelty Will be Continue in Ukraine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin are the two great leaders to whom everyone has eyes in the global aspect. India’s instance in the world has a crucial position and hence Modi talked with Putin to sort it out because war is not the best option to pacify the situation.

Indians are stuck down in Russia due to an emergency imposed in the country after which the Indian government has worked a lot to evacuate the Indians from Ukraine. Last week India also sent its four Union Ministers to Ukrainian Border countries to hasten the speed of evacuation. Later on, 182 students were been evacuated and landed in Mumbai with Air India.

We have seen many Wars including World War I and World War II, we are well known about the consequences of war and how it will affect the world. When we know that war is nothing but only the destruction of civilians’ life. We should not support the intention of War.

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