What's Your Mental Status?

13-Feb-2021, Updated on 2/13/2021 2:57:38 PM

What's Your Mental Status?

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Decades before when people used to come across anything abnormal or unfamiliar, they applied the habit of questioning the matter right at the moment. Whereas, when now the interaction mediums have evolved out in bulk there is no single person around us to question or inquire about the matter. Why?


I believe that now we don't find anything that is unfamiliar or even we catch some of it we ignore as we are already going through some or the other things. Why make additions? Why feel overloaded? But don't think that I'm opposing this. I too stay away from such familiar incidents or conversations. Can't handle the excess! Excess of anything is harmful.


But I wonder what will be the result? What do we see in future? I am having strong intuitions to fall in the counting of endangered species or non-renewable resources

Are you able to understand here that what we are talking about? Yeah, it's trauma! Mental illness! Depression! Sleeplessness! Anxiety! Panic attacks! Dementia! Psychotic disorders! Burnouts and what not! Keep on adding terms meanwhile I am here to discuss the causes, cases, creations, connections, cut-offs and cracks that I have met till the age of 22. 


When things get out of control our patience level hits badly. And when things get under control, pressure releases and for that little time, we inhale an air of relaxation. Little time! Yeah, it's little in this fluctuating environment. Till now I have experienced life is just synonymous to fluctuations. Sunrises are about new beginnings, sunsets are about either regression or exhaustion and nights- just can't explain in words. Whatever you want at night time you can order easily! Motivations, creations, frustrations, abolitions or caffinations just anything the time is yours. No one can point out here this unusual way-of-life. We might have solutions, treatments or controlling elements around us but they don't dare to come near to you. As they're too in fear of losing you! 

Did you ever felt that why that strictness is losing up in an environment? Why people are letting you do anything you want! Yeah, it's good though but that interference of elders or well-wishers at some level is missed. That's why only we end up doing such things that shouldn't be discussed here even. 


The emotional imbalance has now become everyone's property and we get its possession as we move ahead. Till now what I have discovered in this matter that it was there in every phase or decades and it's eternal or you can say immortal. But we are mortal. We are not going to breathe permanently then why to consume it in this short term? When life is so unpredictable!

Earlier, people were less aware of such imbalances. They were just limited to work and earn while we are working and earning along with dreaming. I am not going to curse ourselves for this. But just think that if one of our dreams gets rejection or the ultimatum of denials, why do we stop rising? Why we feel heartbroken? Does our vision get the denial too? No, not at all! Visions are too immortal. You can dream, think and explore anything you want. Scholars were scholars who have stamped the fact that there is nothing impossible


In my opinion, giving facts and figures of suffering cases and treatments for the same is great but eventually we sufferers just want to get heard. We want to speak. We want to write. We want to discuss. We want to control. We want to overcome. We want ways. We want turns. But we really don't want to go through such sufferings for a lifetime. We are more energetic, encouraging, high in spirits, we have advanced technologies around us. We have digital mediums to earn and learn. We are growing, challenging, and rewarding. We are just wow


I won't curse pandemic phase for bursting out this subject in masses. Rather I appreciate this phase. No, not for corona suffering but for making us realise that mental sufferings too prevails that doesn't wait for vaccinations or treatments at a younger level. You can get out of the suffering by just realising that you and your things are absolutely okay. It is okay to walk with struggles. It is okay to swim emotionally. It is okay to have a financial imbalance. It is okay to get denials or rejections. It is okay to breathe heavily. It is okay to let go. It is okay to be free. It is okay to be alone. It is okay to be nothing. It is okay to be unknown. It is okay to be human. And human is just not okay he is best! 


I have a lot to cover on this subject dear readers but initially, I wanted to write something that you never wanted to get disclosed for fear of leaving a weak image of yours in public.

Don't be strong in fear. Just feel your strength and overcome your weaknesses

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