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Read like Your Story

Playing text to speech

Hey Bob! How's your life? Britney Stevens inquired her friend in an expectation of being asked the same in return! All good here, joined a new role at the workplace, having fun right there.

You tell? What fun are you going through this quarantine? Britney being confused uttered just, Nothing much!

(Here, you must be wondering when Bob is at work what makes Britney be quarantine? If she's corona positive or this is the self-quarantine thing?)

Read like Your Story

2020 might have explored numerous grief, sorrows, sufferings and have been an engulfing year but let me tell you there are many sufferers like Britney. 

So, What confusion was going on in the mind of the sufferer that made her answered inefficiently, 'Nothing Much'? Was that due to social distancing or masking stories in a mouth? Or it caused due to lockdown economical pressure? Here, I won't take all these reasons as I am really not that negative creature it happens with everyone, right?

Let's find out the answer together by reading the mysterious story. 

Hey girl, have you lost your mind? Why have you been so late today, why didn't you appeared on time?

Sorry, Damon for being late! I'll make sure that I would host your party efficiently, sorry again!

Why didn't you informed him about the reason? Sufferer's friend, Cilia inquired. 

It was of no use to give such excuse! Anyways, All the very best for your future endeavours, I wish I could have attained better marks to get admitted to the same University. Britney replied. 

Why you couldn't gather the required marks? You have studied well, you wrote well then why? Another hard question much more difficult than that entrance examination, Cilia! (Again.. confusing reply comes into a scene!)

Don't think too much! Best wishes to you too for your new job role, finally you got a happy place. Bye Britney! Cilia bid adieu. 

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How could I consider it to be a happy place in so advance? Overthinking is not good. What will happen, will happen! I am not going to think over it again and again! Why should I think of the thing that doesn't have been appeared as an alternative! I have dreamt of being a Radio Jockey or I wish I could I have joined Cilia, and could train myself as the best teacher. That workplace too sounded much great, they were paying less but I could have written good jingles for their app! I should start working on myself, I am destined to be enrolled here that's why every wished opportunity left me!

No worries, I am going to start a new life with the familiarised role. Really? Are you that expert? Have you gone through the recent awareness of the world? Are you that updated version? 

Read like Your Story

Oh God, it's too late! I don't possess anything nor time. How would I wake up for work? I don't want to be late at any cost. I have to take this as the most prioritised happening.

Hey, Are you enjoying the workplace? Have you liked your assigned role here? Haven't you started writing yet? 

Yes, sir, I am working. I'll fetch the output soon, a fresher clicked F5 and refreshed her mind and soul. 

(Till now, we can consider a failed dreamer has learnt to co-operate with the time, right? But the story not ends on a cooperation note, we have to make it happy!)

It's been a week, now that you've learnt all the edges of your job role start working on 'target.' Yes sir, definitely!

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I cannot fetch productive result being under pressure, I have a different genre, I was not seeking journalistic approach in my career rather I wanted to write freely on whatever subject that takes my heart and mind both at a different level.

(Britney tried explaining to people around her but I think that wasn't efficient enough! As according to replies came to her such as she has the opportunity unlike others, now she's earning, she can cope up with financial imbalance, she should work hard as this is the polishing time, she was made to do this as she writes well but with not that efficiency, etc., She was the character of everyone's opinion but no one tried to asked her opinion, pity on you sufferer!)

Am I that incapable? How many more rejections are there on my way? I am quite sure the person entered here will fire me today. Please, help me, God!

Read like Your Story

Hey, Britney. You have been called inside. Go fast! Britney hurriedly stepped into a meeting room with a pen and paper in her hand to pen down everything for if any point to be spoken there could help her out in any way

What's going on? How are you sounding so incapable? Is there anything triggering you? You really don't hold any experience? Don't you sleep well? Why're that burnouts have a place in your life? What causes you to sound so inefficient?

Britney was asked for the very first time the most reasonable questions that she wanted to answered without any source and material

There's nothing sir as such but you're right, I'll handle my working procedure according to the suggested guidelines, I have understood!

Positivity checked in right at the moment, maybe at the wrong time! She could have answered all her worries to get it right! But how could one help here if the sufferer had taken an oath to suffer alone! 

We often face the situation of answering in the background, not at the moment, same is happening here, the sufferer is answering alone. 

Hey, Britney! How's your life? All good at your place? Sorry, I cannot answer your query for I am unwell!

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