Playing text to speech

Hello, brainy! These lyrics are customized only for you.

Is it getting difficult for you to face the mob? You are trying to hide your emotions because this materialistic world is judging you brutally. You are unable to express what you feel right now. Come along, I am here to hold your hands and take you out from your manic depression and anxiety.

Let me confess, my childhood was not considered as a pleasant one. I belong to the middle-class carpenter, male dominating family, where penning down your thoughts in your dairy were being judged as “ Writing in dairy is always Shayari” i.e, love story began. My mom is a pride government staff nurse that allows me to spend most of my time with my “BUA JI” with so-called “Diary Shayari“ wala hisaab. You must have got an idea of my mental well being from childhood.

Growing up as a designer, the credit for making me a layak designer goes purely to my educated maa. Now a young, dusky figure whose brilliant and confident got arrested into the hands of a number of spineless noob boys. Yes, the idea of my never erupting mental volcano must be clear now.

Finally, I was in the last year of my college and clinically proven, I was then carrying the batch of “Psychotic Depression”.

It is such a bulky signal, a brain can give it to me.”Psychotic Depression is something so-called “Bhoot Pret ka chakkar” in India. It seems like me sitting in a high court surrounded by judges all day and night. This was a challenge for me to come out of those suffocating situations and pamper my heart as it has a very bad habit of racing fastly.

Alas! That high court is the same as the same number of judges all around.

Fortunately, it's me and my brain always keeps on talking to each other to make my soul feel good and ultimately gives me a reason to consolidate my thoughts. So you must have drawn an idea of n numbers of devils keep on battling in my small brain.

The plan has changed now by me and myself to convert those battling devils into ‘flying angels”.I have completely familiar with my angels as I have started greeting them and welcoming them to make me more confident and extra creative. Now those “diary to Shayari“ helping me a lot to inspire me to be a good writer.

Now rather pleasing to those spineless noob boys, I have started taking care of my parents and my family. That black LBD is now splashed with rainbow colours. Whenever my brains send a signal of fear and anxiety, I close my eyes with all the strong motivated lyrics that has been encoded by my mother since my birth or maybe in her womb helps me to decode the signal of anxiety and fear into acceptance. I know its difficult to kill negative emotions all at once but whenever I face worries and heart raising high, I question myself “What I am worried about?”

What can I do about it? And When can I start doing it?

And at last, I pamper the lyrics of my brain asking him what worst you can do with me?

Believe me, when I started investigating my thoughts on a paper, those over running thoughts got vanished after reaching on a conclusion. Filling colours into my life is my own decision. The world can be harsh to you by their penetrating words but take a free advise to filter what is good for your ears and rest put them in recycle bin and yes don’t forget to permanently empty your recycle bin.

Most important, live in present neither hang on to the past nor worry about the future. It is not that easy as it looks, being a product designer I took a small pebble and painted “PRESENT” on that, such that I can manifest it all day long whenever I canopy myself on my writing desk.THE LYRICS OF MY BRAIN

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