Annoying Drivers on Road
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Annoying Drivers on Road

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Streets are filled with dumb and annoying drivers. It is not an experience of one time only, one should experience it always while being on the road. For me, the most annoying and irritating types of drivers are those, who blow horn uselessly and those who turn their two-wheelers and four-wheelers without any indication and put the whole traffic on hold.

Annoying Drivers on Road

It just gets into the daily routine of every commuter. People have learned to ignore all these activities on road and only try to save yourself while another driver is driving badly and being an annoyer on road. The habit of always being in hurry makes people drive irresponsibly just to be at their destination on time. But they forget that because of these kinds of activities they are hampering the traffic and may also lead to some accident. Risking your life or other life on the road is not at all a good and intelligent decision.

While being on road, I feel every individual think that the road only belongs to them. They can drive in any manner, where they like can stop their vehicle and turn it over. People drive on their terms only, they are not bothered about how much traffic is behind him and without any indication, he may lead to a traffic jam. Nowadays, the condition of the roads are not good in the city but still, people don’t change their attitude and used to feel like the king of the road.

People are so damn stubborn that they neither want to learn the traffic sense or change their attitude while being on road. The road rage cases can be seen very frequently, just due to this attitude issue. In their stubbornness, people don’t realize that they are in the middle of a traffic and people start blowing horn uselessly. It is one of the most annoying activity on the road which irritates not only two or three people but the whole crowd and increases the level of noise pollution on road. Being in limelight and grab the attention mostly bike riders use a very loud and strange sound for the horn.

Annoying Drivers on Road

Why people don’t understand that they are in the middle of the traffic and blowing horn uselessly didn’t help? It only irritates the fellow drivers and causes irritation for others. Why the dumb drivers don’t understand that someone is driving behind him or her and without the proper indication don’t turn the vehicle? I want to ask you all that disturbing the whole traffic just only for oneself is a good call?

We all experience these types of activities on road and always end up blaming others, why we are not trying to change ourself first. Sooner or later we did this activity as well but we only judge others why not see ourself and enhance our traffic sense first?

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