Road Etiquette: Are We Indian's ever gonna learn some...?

Well, if I will start making a count how many basic etiquettes we Indians lack then it will take a few hours to wrap up the whole list. But with this write, I just want to put some light on the road etiquettes which we Indians are lacking. We are educated nearly to nothing about street decorum’s in schools or through any unmistakable government activities.  

Street sense can either be taught in the brains of individuals through instruction or somewhat constrained upon them by desperate outcomes they will look through laws and strict fines that they would be committed to paying. In this way, there is authentically no educator in school stressing to not to be a butt hole when driving or strolling on the streets and there is no strict law authorization on defying essential norms of street wellbeing.

Either this idea of street wellbeing is hardwired through our training framework or our administration should take a considerably stricter position on street douchebaggery. Until at that point, Indians won't care at all about street wellbeing and in this manner, there would be numerous butt holes making disturbance out there on the streets.

Here I am listing you down things which are now monotonous to me:

  • Taking U-turns on Non U-Turn cross.
  • Talking on phone calls while driving/riding on road.

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • While surpassing, most of us don't give a left or right indication and the same number of us feel that it is utilized for alternating.
  •  Overtaking ought to be done from the privilege at whatever point conceivable.
  •  Bikers infringing onto the person on foot space at Bus Stops which is accommodated getting Pedestrians down securely from Busses.

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • On a 2-way street, the driver ought to be on the left half of white markings. A large portion of us possesses bigger space when inverse Traffic is less which regularly brings about a Jam.
  • Triple riding.

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • Pedestrians taking a chance with their life crossing Highways at Non-Zebra crossing focuses.
  • Flooding Busses. Yet at the same time, individuals tend to climb.

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • Driving incorrectly path in one way
  • No Helmets OR wearing Helmets just close Signals where Possibility of Cops are high and afterward expelling head protectors when signals are crossed. 

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • The majority of us, as a rule, don't cross streets at a zebra crossing. Isn't that right?
  • Riding bicycles in Footpaths. This is an extremely NASTY practice.
  • Intersection the movement blockades. (Individuals have No opportunity to look for Gaps in this Fast Moving city)

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

  • Cyclists and Bikers moving up the Pedestrian walk zones on street sides.
  • Taking Left Turns without sitting tight for a flag to practice environmental safety on sans no left flags.

A joke Ummm.......... actually its reality in our country........

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian

Need I say anything about how it’s utilized here in India?

Though there are several changes been made and folks are strictly following the rules too like last year when I went to Delhi I was really mesmerized by the attitude of folks towards basic things like using a dustbin for dumping waste, obeying the traffic rules, not creating mess at metros and showing a great gesture while parking their cars.

I am not saying that everything was perfect as there were few flaws too but one thing which was soothing to my eyes was the active participation of most of the folks towards obeying the rules.

We have to make more mindfulness about these issues as even taught individuals appear to blunder on these records. Maybe it’s only an instance of the vast majority not knowing how to act out and about. Tragically there are numerous who act in a rude way regardless of knowing the impact of their conduct.

"Your level of success is determined by 

Your level of discipline and perseverance"

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