Where the hell is the Traffic Management System in Allahabad?

Hardly few months are left in Kumbh Mela 2019 and if I have to give an honest review of the preparation for one of the world biggest fair in the world I will say it’s pathetic. I am not using the word “Pathetic” just because I have to grab attention over my write up I am using this word been a resident of Allahabad. Keep the infrastructure development to a different side the needy and basic system are missing from the city and the traffic management system in one among them. 

Where the hell is the Traffic Management System in Allahabad?

One need not discuss the intense enduring that individuals are experiencing nowadays because of the intense congested driving conditions saw in the city.

Indeed, even as the city moves towards a better framework with progressing street repair and laying of sewer lines and pipelines, occupants are reeling under standard congested driving conditions in different regions of Old City on account of the continuous development work.

District activity police are rebuking municipal offices for beginning development without suggesting them so they could design elective courses for suburbanites and maintain a strategic distance from stick like circumstances.

This is what happened last week……

It’s a case from Preetamnagar where a lady, ahead of time phase of pregnancy was being hurried to a Civil Lines Hospital in an emergency vehicle. Be that as it may, on G.T. Street in Sulem Sarai, the emergency vehicle was gotten in a horrendous stick. The lady's work torments wound up wild yet the emergency vehicle just couldn't simply advance.

Where the hell is the Traffic Management System in Allahabad?

At last, the lady brought forth the baby in the rescue vehicle itself. After that, some way or another the emergency vehicle individuals endeavored to clear a path for the vehicle to push ahead. It was not before 90 minutes that the rescue vehicle could achieve the healing center in Civil Lines. Luckily, the mother and kid both were said to be good. 

So if we are unable to manage such simple issue how are we going to manage the mob of billions of people during the “Kumbh”? I still remember the scenario of 2013 how huge mob was traveling on roads and the whole transportation management system got collapsed.

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Sanat Shukla

Sanat Shukla 2 months ago  Reply

This needs to be done:

The modernization procedure of transportation development and administration in Allahabad ought to be done to give advantageous, fast, protected, precise, proficient and ecological well-disposed transport administrations.

The development of railroad, urban street, road, interurban transport centers and current transportation activity organization framework ought to be quickened to give adequate transport bolster that ensures the improvement of Allahabad social monetary advancement and urban development, and to offer top of the line urban transport administrations for the amazing Kumbh Mela which will be soon on floors.

Where the hell is the Traffic Management System in Allahabad?

Demand change and advancement to overhaul the administration from observational administration to data based logical administration. Demand enhancing the asset circulation of street and movement police to redesign the administration from broad to serious. Reinforce the police assets with science and innovation to overhaul the administration from the work escalated to innovation concentrated.

Demand for human introduction and overhaul the organization arranged administration to benefit situated administration. Demand individuals initially to accomplish the change from regulatory administration to benefit administration.

Thoroughly a redesign in the gathering, examination and incorporation of dynamic and static data of street activity and organization, and the capacity for logical basic leadership are required. Which will enhance the capacity in taking care of auto collisions and the capacity in crisis reaction?

Redesign in the rush hour gridlock data benefits should be improved the situation people in general. The wise movement administration framework will be accessible as a logical instrument for Kumbh Mela activity administration.

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