Traffic management system.... What's That?

Tuesday's was very heavy for those coming to the city through the Jhunsi bridge and returning to the city. People stranded in Daraganj, trapped in Chungi, up to four km from Jhunshi, were stunned. The situation remains that in the afternoon, people who came out of the house could not get back till late at night. Along with the force of several police stations, the SSP had to get off the road to clear itself. But till 12 o'clock the traffic was not completely restored.

From Sarang to Daranganj Ghat, take the Ganges water and go to Kashi Vishwanath temple, Varanasi. In view of their safety, traffic is given every year on Allahabad-Varanasi road for one month. One lane is protected for the Kanvadis. The two lane passes on both sides of the vehicles. On Tuesday, as the Ekadashi, the huge mass of Kanwaris landed on GT road. In the afternoon, around one lane was full of three balls, the colony of the Kanwadi went in the second lane. The crowd of passers-by were on the bridge, and the other lane became stagnant.  

Things might have been that in a while, the lines of vehicles from one face to face were seen and after seeing it all became longer with every passing time. Seeing the vehicles, the line of vehicles reached Alopiagagh Chungi and Jhansi in the Housing Development Colony Bar. After that, for about seven hours, from Jhansi to Daraganj on the Shastri Bridge, the vehicles remained standing under the wheels. The condition was that it was difficult to get two wheelers too. People were trapped in hot summer due to a furor.

Traffic management system.... What

Police force of Jhansi and Daraganj police stations on the spot on the information of jam due to the clashes After heavy hardships, somehow after eleven o'clock, the traffic could be streamlined slowly. Then people got the breath of relief.

The effect shown till the Balasan intersection 

The impact of the jam on the Jhooni Bridge was seen in the city. The situation took place that the line of vehicles started from GT Jawahar intersection reached the Balasan intersection. It was informed that many police stations were called on the spot. Traffic police are already engaged in the struggle to finish the jam. SSP Nitin Tiwari also came out on the road to get rid of the situation when the situation was not under control.

Just one question i wanna ask from the authorities.....

Where the hell is the traffic management system? This is not the first time when it has happened coz the scenario of such traffic was similar  previous year too. I personally fee so much disheartened seeing such lack in our system because one side we talk about too much big stuff and on other side we fail to have a cure of such circumstances and situations.

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