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Does India need Religion !!!

What is your religion? Which color do you admire? Which flag do you hold in hand to promote your faith? You may be Hindu chanting ' Jai Shree Ram' or you may be Muslim intoning ' Naare takbir Allah hu Akbar'. If not among these you may be C

What you want to become when you grow up?

What you want to become when you grow up? Perhaps this question may seem a bit overwhelming but think about it for a moment. Are you still what you wanted to be, whose dream you had seen, are you doing what you always wanted to do? Hones

Education, grades, society and peer

All my school life, I have recursively been informed that "if you won’t study, you won't survive", and I can wager that greater part of understudies has been told the same and? Areas yet being advised to do the same. And I should say? With

*Money Is What Reign*

Since childhood, the only thing that, I have witnessed is, “The entire world revolves around money!” Peers might have not ever given a thought to how would the world be like if there is “No Currencies”Actually, it does not

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