*Money Is What Reign*

Since childhood, the only thing that, I have witnessed is, “The entire world revolves around money!” Peers might have not ever given a thought to how would the world be like if there is “No Currencies” 

Actually, it does not matter, I believe the desires or satisfaction of the people is what drives them go crazy about “Money”….

Everything to a limited amount is always cherished, but if that particular thing, emotions, or anything which exists in the world governs you then, I think it is an alarm for you to just stop for a moment and introspect, is it seriously what you were longing for…?

Well, I am not completely having a thought against, that Money is not important, but when I witness certain scenarios wherein the cause for the agenda is Money… here comes the reason when… I am just off!

As, I see that people reach a height, where they completely forget that, they are humans as well… they have certain emotions… they need to justice to their inner peace and the God they pray to… Everything gets aside when the introduction of this particular object happens in the community… and that is “Currencies”

Sit for a while and think, are we really needing this… to some extend yes! But on the extent to which it has grown… eerrrrrhhhh! I don’t think so…

Your mind might have banged with so many questions till now…?

How would I be able to manage everything…? Studies…? Home…? If, at last, I am satisfied... What would happen to the desires of my loved ones…? And last what is she talking about…! Money is everything!

Now… think again… we are living in the world where “Richer person is growing richer and the person who could hardly afford for a meal in a day…!” So don’t you think we need to revamp our system from where the money is actually been rolled in… so making an equal distribution for one and all...!

So, here I go with certain cases that might reveal the deadly face of the force what money could drive people to…

Effects of Money, Inconsideration of Certain Scenarios:


No, wonder money is the only tool which actually would help in the fulfillment of our basic day to day need of the being comprises of the shelter, healthcare, and food… but apart from this if we just further give it a thought it is also a tool which has a vital role in making our wellbeing suffer like anything.

As there is mentioned in many good books that… “Money could only provide us with a short-span of happiness for equipping themselves with a much greater control over how we spend seconds of our life.”

Well, it is remarkable if we just spend those currencies for conducting leisure activities with our love-ones, and thus it turns our life to ease…

But what is happening, in reality, is peers use those currencies to get themselves expensive possessions rather than buying a few moments of happiness along with their people.

Having money in abundance does not really mean that you are happy!

On the contrary what maximum of us believe is that, once we have enough to fulfill our basic needs, a higher income does not impact on our wellbeing and in addition may cause an adverse effect in few of the cases!

It is been surveyed that peers who are equipped with more money usually experience a lot of stress in comparison to those with the regular amount.

1. Money Isolates Us:

Well, people who are thinking about money all the time, they basically get themselves isolated from others. So in contrast to having an experimental record… the outcome was:

Put more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance

Play and work alone

Comparing makes us unhappy

Were, in general, less helpful to others

So here, I would go with the point of comparison wherein, people, when compared, are prone to distress. Well, heading on with an example… If a person earns about a salary of Rs. 30000 month he would be not happy to see that his friend is fetching a salary of Rs. 50000 a month, though a scenario may come where both may have the increment at the same time and again that person would be satisfied and would have the same grief that his friend too had an increment.

So basically the resulting output for the above example is that peers are always dissatisfied with the financial situations around us as they would be in the perception of stacking more which would get them to the level of others.

Now, considering about a different case study which states that higher income is associated with higher level of stress, which would lessen your enjoyment and increase the likelihood for divorce.

2. Materialism what triggers unhappiness:

So we as the being are not clear of our own desires what we want for oneself. As the people around us have this perception that money is the only thing that would bring to us happiness and thus… other things are just completely ignored. Peep into some real-world stuff…

The happiness that one acquires by material stuff or goods is always evanescent… For proving out this fact, let us consider an example, the happiness of buying a huge car would exist but as time passes, the car is been taken for granted. Furthermore, the commitment for monthly installments would definitely cut down our options for fun activities, dinner dates, and vacations…

Our expectations are adjusted to a higher scale… in a way if more income is been drawn by us then we would desire for more lavishness, thus all our income would be spent in fulfilling those extravagant aspirations.

Hence, our wants turn to be insatiable… the more we get, the more our want increases. This act might lead you to a heavy debt and stress would be accompanied.

Concluding what adverse effect this greater income might bring us to… greater narcissism, more conflicted relationships, lower self-esteem and less empathy.

Politics/Government Sectors:

The time has arrived that truth needs to be revealed… Most of the folks who long for Government Jobs or get into politics the only driving force for them is to earn money… people in those sectors simply ignore all their duties and churn their wheel of brain… “How can, I earn more in addition to their salary!”

Well, I want to ask from you folk, why does this happens that people wait for days and days with their requests, proposals, verdicts, FIRs or bills that just required to be passed or is just in a queue without any reason held behind… though all the documents and necessary stuff being submitted on time yet… they just have to wait… Wait! Wait! And Wait!

Because from initial till the last of the hierarchy every person who is involved is corrupt…

The biggest disease which could never come to an end… or have no hole to eradicate… and if anybody tries to do things genuinely then they are asked for the resignation or are been shot until death…

That what our system is… Yes! Nobody wants to change this… and then they come up asking for votes and hallow promises that they would eradicate these issues from the system…

Yet it is not been solved… or have any ray of hope for the change…!

Well, the moment for change is required now wherein people head up to justice their duties which they have undertaken after going through an oath for having a complete involvement for the progress of the Nation.

Education System:

Heading into one of the most crucial sectors of development for our Nation… The Education Sector… Considering the survey on board… yet 25.96 % of the total population is not literate… So where does it all pour out to… peeping into the poverty rate of Indian country and that is 22 % of the total population are below poverty rate… Now, what I can interpret out of these two figures is that illiteracy is somewhere going directly proportional to poverty and hence there, I land with a conclusion… that if I don’t have money in my pocket I am not eligible to study or… that is what a dream that… I can just sit and look after too… isn’t it?

Knocking out the doors to a government for help would it be a help? The talents which are just kept quite in the dark court of a hut… That little scientist which has the caliber to roll back the apple from the ground and discover a new law of physics are just ignored because he is not equipped with things which others are… the basic right to an education that, I believe everyone does…

But the only reason you can’t be admitted to good schools is that you need to empty your pocket out and then only you would be considered as the alumni of the campus…

Heading on to the top ranked exams… Simply somebody gets through an examination that because he is someone renowned or has a good bank balance so he bought it… what he want… But what about the person who has been struggling with his studies under the street lights… just able to arrange for his books for the preparation… done hard work night and a day just make his dreams come true… and he could not make it because that one last seat which was going to be gained by him is been sold-out to a rich brad.

Heading my feet towards one more sensitive sector and that is of sports…


Folks an ice-breaker for you all before I start-off my discussion about this topic over here… so what is the total population of our country? Well, the answer to this is approximately 132.42 crores… and how many of them are into sports… Well, this is been an inconsiderate as only the chunks could make into sports… reason has been that people who have been good with sports are mostly a villager or a small town buddy who could hardly is been given with the basic training for their sharpness in the particular sports as they are not able to afford those training… or are not exposed to those sects of sports. Now raising the agenda over this, if we make a conviction that we need Golds in sports so, May I know what sort of facilities are we equipped with… as a sportsperson… Am I equipped with a good training center, a proper nourishment or a good place to relax…?

Witnessing talents across the lane of my home… playing a hardcore sport and the irony is nobody is there to see what a gift is present for a nation… but people want Sachin Tendulkar… nobody to help a that young hand which held up a hockey stick and people want to see Dhanraj Pillay winning over a Gold for India… The expectation is what all have but nobody ever came over to take charge of those small feet that is actually a “Golden Bird” for the nation… Reason being he has talent and no money to get himself treated with such good facilities… Well, what else you would be witnessing when yet the scenarios are going to be the same… because “Money is what Reigns!”

Mentioning one last point is that of the popularizing of the particular sports… A big example is of India, where Cricket is the God of sports over here… but if I talk about other sports… I don’t think so that they have been so considerate that people would die in for it… Thus, that decides the income of the player too… if the player is in an Indian Cricket Team, he would be earning a minimum of, Rs. 7 Crores per annum in an “A+ Grade” category but if, I compare the same with other sports like hockey players of the same category are been paid Rs. 15 Lacs per annum… what a shame it could be that having such a great difference in the salary Indian Hockey Team has bagged several victories in the name of the Nation and crown with Gold… Hence, people from other sports need to get looking for other sources of income as well for earning their living further…

Moving on to the last sector of my discussion is Medical Systems…

Medical System:

As the part of this world… I have always heard that “Doctor is the avatar of God!”, but is it true yet..? Nowadays what, I witnessed is that the profession of Doctor is just a sign of having an amazing credential in terms of money… Observe, many times in the hospital, if there is an emergency the doctor would initially direct the being to the accounts counter for the submission of the admission fee… As this profession has turned out be a new business for them. A doctor is been involved in the malpractices, exaggerated medical bills, unnecessary operations and stealing of the organs while transplanting… and that is all because of the greed of money as they don’t do service but increase their bank balance to the heights of their never-ending desires or satisfaction.

Taking another example of the Government Hospital Doctors… Though they are been paid a handsome amount of salary they yet they are involved in their personal practice out in the clinic owned by them thus, they leave government hospitals before time or sometimes just mark their present and get vanished… these sort of activities performed by them actually makes me feel that actually, humanism is eradicating slowly from this world as people just see money and nothing else out in nature.


So, today’s world is all about money… But hang on to this quote:

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” --Jonathan Swift

Having wealth is a good thing but beware that you do not lose your richness on behalf of it… As my elders always use to tell me that, Money is just a filth of your hand… but values, relations, love, and respect is what you carry along even after your death. So, here begin my journey to give the finishing touch to this discussion… Everybody instead keeps on fulfilling their never-greed should now take a pause and introspect… look around and witness to the fact that you might be the one who is taking off an extra penny which could be the food for others… So if one turns to be emphatic in nature, I believe the entire problem of being greedy would be eradicated… the problem arises when we think that… “It is not mine!”, the moment one starts thinking that being on this planet is our brother and our sister then the things would change in a much human way… as I have at least been gifted with a thrice a meal of the day but few of them might not able to eat one chappati a day… So, always thank God for what you have and this would definitely help you to overcome your lust for money and ultimately flourishing out you to be a better human being!


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