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Scarcity of water created a huge mess...!

Due to the blowing of the motor, students of Hindu hostel, who were suffering from severe water crisis for two consecutive days on Tuesday, clashed at the intersection in front of the hostel. Chakkajam ran for about two hours. After the wat

Clothes or mindset what needs to be changed.....?

First of all I wanna shout out loud to those who think they are doing something heroic by teasing a woman, Calling by their names on streets, following them on roads, passing lewd comments, taking photographs, chasing their scooter with your

Roads accident: Leading cause of death

Our country tops in the list of countries where accident related deaths occur the most. The frequency of traffic collisions is the highest in our country according to A National Crime Records Bureau.Well, I wasn’t ready to believe

Is ragging just a socio legal-problem…?

Ragging has been one of the foremost problems in our country. Ragging has become something very usual and exception in exceedingly variant academic institutions across the country which has led to lives being shattered and teenagers being rende

Should national anthems be played in cinema halls?

Playing national anthems in the theatres before the beginning of the movie wasn’t that big issue till our folks and media made it look like and made it a hype.Starting my write up by sharing up an incident which happe

*Money Is What Reign*

Since childhood, the only thing that, I have witnessed is, “The entire world revolves around money!” Peers might have not ever given a thought to how would the world be like if there is “No Currencies”Actually, it does not

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