Education, grades, society and peer

All my school life, I have recursively been informed that "if you won’t study, you won't survive", and I can wager that greater part of understudies has been told the same and? Areas yet being advised to do the same. And I should say? With extraordinary lament, that it is to some degree genuine.

On the off chance that you don't have a degree in India, and you come in the normal classification, you are demolished. It doesn't care for normal individuals are sufficiently bad but rather it is our instruction framework that evaluations individuals in light of their capacity to score checks in schools/universities. 

Education, grades, society and peer

Your personal wishes… wait what’s that?

No one asks us, what we need to turn into. We are given unmistakable ways at the specific start of our lives, and we are compelled to stroll on those tracks. Why we need to think about similar doltish things over and over even our advantage is in something entirely unexpected.

Why is every last single understudy estimated on a similar scale? We always show understudies ethically that every single individual living on this planet is extraordinary yet then too we measure them all with a similar estimating hardware. It's not possible for anyone to seek after their energy in this erudite society where everything begins with a book and finishes with a degree.

Education, grades, society and peer

There are numerous companions who examined with me who never needed to do the designing at the primary spot, but since of their family weight, they decided on it. Presently, who is to be faulted? Our instruction framework must comprehend the way that every last understudy is unique and they should be educated and taught in the way his genuine qualities are.

At exactly that point he can grow up to be a human asset for his/her country. At that point, there will be a greater number of Entrepreneurs in this nation instead of the activity searchers holding their degrees.

Education, grades, society and peer

Grades and certificates are all that matters for our creep society

We trust in taking affirmation in IITs and IIMs, rather we ought to have faith in abilities. We shouldn't think about the foundation of training all the more, all we should see is the thing that a man has learned amid his/her tutoring.

At the season of our autonomy when an ever-increasing number of individuals should have been instructed and taught. Yet, the time has changed and we ought to likewise change. The framework today will end the inventiveness in understudies and just around 12% of the understudies will carry on with their fantasy life and rest will long for an existence.

It’s high time now since we are comparing and judging students by the grades or marks they are getting. Each and every individual has a forte in different things we are living in the saga of digitalization where are these things have become so much unusual.

Education, grades, society and peer

Kevin Systrom who was not really good in his academics followed his passion and ended up creating the application Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg a college dropout, yeah a college dropout and now making billion through his social networking website Facebook. Larry Paige who was not that pro in programming and now owns Google number one website in the whole world.

Just like them, there are millions of examples of exceptional folks out there in each and every stream who have shown the world that failures, grades, and circumstances don’t matter if an individual has beliefs in himself.

Outdated way of education

Leaving behind some specific institutes most of the colleges and schools still follow traditional methods for educating the students. We are still stuck in those 100 years old methods for educating…… I mean the same old course which is been carried on for years. In a generation of digitalization, the traditional methods are not gonna uplift the students.

Education, grades, society and peer

Now there is a variant of online courses available on the internet and that too with reputed professional degrees. From a professional course to courses which are out of the league these portal are educating the student from all across the world.

Watch this: 

Education and way of educating the student have reached to a far different level and our country which thinks we in the race of becoming superpowers first need to develop super brains by revising the and improvising the way of education.

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