Should India reclaim Pok, Gilgit, and Baluchistan from Pakistan?


Should India reclaim Pok, Gilgit, and Baluchistan from Pakistan?

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Under Dogra administration, the erstwhile princely state of Kashmir was divided into four main regions: Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Through its Kabaili attacks in October 1947, Pakistan seized Gilgit-Baltistan as well as a portion of Jammu. The Pakistani government suppresses democratic liberties in the region of Kashmir that it has seized, silences the press, and regularly uses torture. A defining feature of government policy in PoK has been strict restrictions on the right to free speech. Pakistan has used pressure and administrative barriers to impede the establishment of independent media in the region. Pakistan has given PoJK land to china. 

Leading western media voices, who overly report on the portion of Kashmir that is managed by India and shoutingly repeat myths and provoke haterd. It is the world's willful blindness to the loud cries of PoK. The world closes the door to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir by strongly and loudly imposing itself upon Indian Kashmir. 

POK Kashmiris observe October 22 as 'Black Day' to commemorate Pakistan's invasion of Kashmir. While numerous Kashmiris in the UK demonstrated in front of the Pakistan High Commission. 

 Since independence, Pakistan's administration has been at its worst. Pakistan's external debt is USD 86.4 billion while its national debt is USD 246.7 billion. Its foreign debt has grown by 22%. Pakistan had to reduce its defense spending as a result of the weakening economy. Pakistan even outlawed imported luxury goods when the value of the rupee fell drastically. The economy is on the verge of collapse. 

India may think about reclaiming territory that was seized at great human cost. Considering that Pakistan has already borrowed much from its allies, a mess of a nation cannot retort that much. The BJP has guaranteed the populace that they will take Balochistan and Pok Gilgit. They do have the goal of creating Akhand Bharat. 

It's very likely that China and Turkey will aid Pakistan. The prime minister of Turkey, who has good ties to Pakistan and adheres to the 'ummah,' can assist. China can covertly provide weaponry or use the conflict between Pakistan and India as an excuse to transgress international boundaries. More importantly, China despises the developing India led by Narendra Modi. China developed its economy by offering cheap labor, and it still depends on foreign firms to conduct product manufacture. China is in a hazardous position as a result of India's recent invitation to all business leaders to move their manufacturing operations there and use the world's lowest labor.. 

Russia and Israel might officially assist India. While many nations, like Bangladesh and France, can sell arms to India. In every conflict, Russia and Israel have supported India. However, given that both Russia and Israel have excellent relations with China, they might be reluctant to assist if China formally backs Pakistan. But the likelihood of this is quite low. 

46000 people will be chosen in accordance with Agniveer's plan. Additionally, the first registration for 2022 has already occurred. For younger people, there is a 4-year plan. India will acquire very highly skilled soldiers because to this recruitment. Therefore, if India takes its time, a war with Pakistan after 4-5 years will be better. It's probable that India would be more developed at that time and Russia wouldn't be at war with Ukraine. It wouldn't alter at all for Pakistan; they’ll continue to be the same. 

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