Is defence minister's recent statement points towards Akhand Bharat?

01-Nov-2022 , Updated on 11/2/2022 7:41:03 AM

Is defence minister's recent statement points towards Akhand Bharat?

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On 27 October during Shaurya Diwas Budgam district to commemorate the Indian Army’s successes made after the landing of soldiers in J&K on October 27, 1947, a day after India signed the Instrument of Accession with then J&K ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. 

Rajnath Singh said the mission of full integration of J&K that started on August 5, 2019 “will complete when Gilgit - Balochistan and areas of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) will reunite with India. He added 'We feel the pain of residents of PoK, facing atrocities and violation of their rights at the hands of Pakistan. On this side, Kashmir and Ladakh are set on a new path of development and prosperity (post-August 5, 2019). This is just the beginning. Also, when justice is delivered to the refugees of 1947 and they get their land and homes back. The day is not far away

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The 22nd of October 1947 is remembered as Kashmir's darkest day. Operation Gulmarg was used to try to take over Kashmir. The most heartbreaking aspect of this was that, while deaths were being attributed to war, fighting, and bombing, there were also people who were murdering their loved ones, particularly women, in order to prevent them from being raped. Numerous soldiers and terrorists from Pakistan have attacked and raped women from minority communities. 

This was seen by family members as extending mercy to them. For minorities, horrors have continued to this day. The same Kashmiri Muslims who previously rejoiced at having an Islamic government is now seen in numerous videos pleading for Pakistani troops to leave or for liberation from Pakistan. Gilgit and Balochistan both have the same conditions. They have been struggling for liberation ever since Pakistan invaded them without permission and imprisoned them.

The only administration that recognised the languages spoken in Pakistan is the one led by the BJP. On every stage, they have been denouncing Pakistan and its ties to terrorism. As has been the case ever since India's independence, Pakistan and India cannot come to another accord. Additionally, Pakistan has been violating every deal, including the status quo in Kashmir and the Khan of Kalat, among others.

Bharatiya Janata Party has previously spoken about taking back Pok, but this time his choice of venue and timing—along with the fact that it's his second trip to the India–China border—have drawn additional attention. 

Pakistan is on the verge of emulating Sri Lanka. Its government, army, and economy are in the worst condition they have been in since 1947. They are not in a position to wage war and come out on top. Pakistan already owes a considerable amount of money. This will be the ideal time to carry out any plans for India to reclaim its land from Pakistan.

India should be prepared to enter a fight with its allies, China and Turkey. India can receive assistance from Russia, but that country is already at war with Ukraine, which is supported by NATO. India must consider all the possible outcomes in order to prevent any negative effects on its citizens. One wrong move might undo all the progress the country has made over the years to get to this point.

It will be regarded as the initial step toward Akhand Bharat to take pok first. It is not some big vision of the RSS, BJP, Sanghi, or fascists. People who earlier believed that the Islamization of everything would open the door to achievement for their people and nation will be freed by Akhand Bharat. This will grant any woman there, regardless of faith, the right to talk, dress, and receive an education. We will speak up for young brides, abducted women, and compelled women. 

After independence, India lagged far behind Pakistan; both countries had corrupted politicians, but India eventually caught up. But where have Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan gone? Bangladesh is performing better than these two nations on paper because it is a secular nation. Akhand Bharat should be a reality.

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