ELON MUSK: The Story Of Success


ELON MUSK: The Story Of Success

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American businessperson who co-founded PayPal the electronic-payment company and founder of SpaceX manufacturer of launch vehicles and spacecraft, Elon Reeve Musk who took birth on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. He is one of the first significant investors and the chief executive officer of the electric car manufacturer Tesla. 

ELON MUSK The Story Of Success

Past Life

Musk's mother belongs to Canada and his father from a South African family. He exhibited an initial talent for computers and entrepreneurship. At the age of 12, he designed a video game and traded it for a computer magazine. In the year 1988, after acquiring a Canadian passport, Musk departed from South Africa as he was reluctant to maintain apartheid through necessary soldiery service and because he endeavored the greater business possibilities available in the United States.

ELON MUSK The Story Of Success

SpaceX & PayPal Discoveries

Musk studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and in the year 1992 he shifted to the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where he earned his bachelor’s degrees in the subject physics and economics in 1997. He took admission in graduate school in physics at Stanford University, California, although dropped only after two days because he observed that the Internet has more caliber to reform the society instead of working in physics. He established Zip2, a company that used to produce maps and business catalogs for web newspapers in 1995, soon during 1999 Zip2 was purchased by the computer company Compaq for approx $307 million, and after that, an online financial assistance company was founded by Musk named as X.com, which was renamed as PayPal, which specified in conveying money online. The online auction of $1.5 billion sold PayPal to eBay in 2002.

ELON MUSK The Story Of Success

He was disappointed with the huge economic loss of rocket launchers. Although in the year 2002 he established Space Exploration Technologies also named (SpaceX) to compose more budget rockets. The first 2 rockets were the Falcon 1 which was initially originated in 2006 and the enormous Falcon 9 originated in 2010, which was diligently designed as a cost-efficient to competing rockets. A 3rd rocket, the Falcon Heavy initially originated in 2018, was designed to carry 117,000 pounds (53,000 kg) to orbit, approximately double as much as its greatest opponent, the Boeing's Delta IV Heavy, for one-third the price. SpaceX also designed another spacecraft named the Dragon, which provides equipment to the International Space Station (ISS). The dragon can transport as many as 7 astronauts, with a crewed flight transporting astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken to the International Space Station in the year 2020. In extension to become the CEO of SpaceX, He was the chief designer in developing the Falcon rockets, Dragons, and Grasshoppers.

ELON MUSK The Story Of Success


Musk had sustainably been involved in the hopes of electric cars, and in 2004 he displayed one of the significant funders of Tesla Motors which was later changed to Tesla, a company producing electric cars which were founded by entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard along with Marc Tarpenning. The first Tesla car was introduced in the year 2006, named the Roadster, which could drive 245 miles (394 km) on a single charge. Unlike most propounded electric vehicles, Musk's decision was tedious and boring, which was a sports wheel that could go from 0 to 60 miles (97 km) per hour in fewer than 4 seconds. In 2010 the company’s primary public contribution proposed about $226 million. after 2 years Tesla launched the Model S sedan, which was praised by automotive analysts and critics for its appearance and performance. The brand acquired further recognition for its Model X luxury SUV, which came into the market in the year 2015. A less-expensive car Model 3 went into production in 2017.

ELON MUSK The Story Of Success

Fighting the Richest

In November 2020, Musk passed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates to declare the privilege of the world’s 3rd richest and 3rd richest personality, respectively. Zuckerberg worthing $92.4 billion and Gates with $121.6 billion, according to Forbes. After a month, Musk hurdled French leisure tycoon Bernard Arnault with a worth of $151.4 billion to become the 2nd richest personality on the planet, while Jeff Bezos still on the top with $186 billion.

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