Does Digital Marketing Engulfs Traditional Marketing?


Does Digital Marketing Engulfs Traditional Marketing?

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In India, since 2000 the scenario of Marketing has been changed very rapidly and it’s still continuing. So, from the longtime, the debates have been going on that Traditional Marketing is better or Digital Marketing. I think we need both types of marketing for the promotion and both types of marketing have their own perks at specific places. So, it would be quiet difficult to say that Digital Marketing has engulfed Traditional Marketing.

In my opinion, we need both types of marketing simultaneously. Both are influential in their own ways but its representation or presentation is very important, that how we are conveying our message to our viewers. Marketing is one of the most important of any business which can’t be ignored. A visionary Entrepreneur always put a large portion of the budget into Marketing. Whereas, nowadays a large number of people invest their time on Social Media or Online. So it is quite difficult to decide how much amount should spend on specific marketing medium.

Does Digital Marketing Engulfs Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing attracts a lot of people because people can get a depth and descriptive information about the product as well as previous users review. Whereas Traditional Marketing only provide limited and important information to the people, and this important information is decided from the marketing point of view. So, Traditional Marketing requires the judgment of what information to be shared with people and would be beneficial too.

Does Digital Marketing Engulfs Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing has taken a back seat as compared to Digital Marketing. But I think both types of marketing are required and should be used intelligently to attract a large number of customers. As the market is changing, likewise, we need to adopt some creative ideas to attract people. For example; in traditional marketing Banners are used widely. On our way, we see a lot of banners but only the creative and attractive presentation of banners attract our concern for the specific product. This leads the interested customer to search the specific product online as well and helps to decide whether the product would be beneficial for him and his family or not.

So, an intelligent investment on Traditional and Digital Marketing is required to convey the message about the product and attract the customers. Still, innovation while presenting the product in the market will be needed and give a good result. Because it is a human nature that people get attracted to new things and unique things.

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