The social media sanity

Gone are the times when we used to happily say about our achievements to others and then they used to recite it again to others. The time we are dealing with is of the ventures of social media. We upload a mere status and share it with the people who react and comment to share their reactions. Not just achievements but none moments of remorse, joy, achievements have left unexpressed on social media. The things have changed and that is obvious and a sign of progressive civilization.

Not only moments are being shared but are being shared the check ins, some crucial aspects of life and viewpoints. But here is to all social media enthusiasts who share the color of their cup to their accident on social media sites, there are many incidents in newspaper of almost every day about how sharing every minute details of one’s social life can prove hazardous.

As the sharing has got easy in this era so has got the stalking. There are people on internet who may be stalking you and your activities through your social media wall. Their ill intentions can cause you harm either financially, emotionally or in many other ways. One must need to be careful about what he/she is sharing on his/her wall and with whom the things are being shared.

Stalkers find it easy to aim people who are not financially or emotionally stable and are desperately looking some way to counter their instability. Alluring offers, vibrant personalities and manipulating messages with catchy text are usually enough to fool the people who are way obsessed, impatient or naïve.

We must not consider sharing our locations, activities or upcoming actions in public or too often. The individuality of one’s personal life must be secured from the ill eyes of others and one must check the authenticity of the people, offers, events which are going to come in one’s way. Even once convinced, do not refrain from doubting the people on virtual platforms and act smart.

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