Is online social networking destroying our society?

I remember growing up not too long ago. It was so easy to just play with the kids in the neighborhood not knowing about the internet and the abundance of social media. If someone wanted to get in touch with you they would leave a message and you could call them back at a later time.  

These days everything is available and you can be connected to everyone. This is a major problem in my eyes. It causes a great deal of anxiety for some, it is a major addiction for a lot of people, which is evidenced by how many people choose their smartphone in lieu of talking to the people around them.

Is online social networking destroying our society?

Social media has created a scared society, scared to go against the grain, scared to be judged negatively by others. Also, it seems to me a lot of people think they are so darn important on social media. As if the likes they get can be translated into bars of gold in the future.

The entire "like" system is an absolute disaster. What a great way to feel undervalued and under-appreciated. If you are just minding your own business in life, trying to be nice to the people around you, then I think social media does a great disservice.

Stop Scrolling, Start Learning

You are in the room, in the classroom, in office meeting room, traveling, stuck in traffic jam or at any get-together, don’t just keep scrolling unnecessarily. Rather, observe your surroundings, observe people who are around you, observe them deeply and learn from them.

Is online social networking destroying our society?

Be active in the situation you are at present, as unnecessary social media activeness only kills our valuable time and ceases our learning. Connect with people not virtually but in person, when we connect with people personally we build a strong and real relationship with them.

Insecurity aspect

The excess use of social media has led to creating insecurities among folks. Social media is one of the biggest reason which is creating negativity in society. Folks are now becoming fond of frequently posting stuff so that they can make other jealous by materialistic.

People post things because they think what they have to share makes them look good, whether it be a picture or a post they think is funny.

Is online social networking destroying our society?

This search for reassurance in the form of getting a certain amount of positive feedback is unhealthy and damaging to a person's confidence if they don't get an amount back that they are satisfied with.

People start to think that if they don't try this certain food place, go to this specific city, or wear these certain types of clothes then they are missing out, and their lives aren't as fun. Why should a person's self-worth be based on the feedback they get from others and the opinions of other people? It isn't, but once you start thinking that way, it's hard to stop having that mindset and realizing that it is not important.

We should take a step forward and not misuse it

Social media is an immensely powerful platform when it comes to making a change or building your brand out there. If you are using social media and not addicted to it then it is good and useful. But if you are too much addicted to it then it is not good. You can connect yourself with your old friends by social media.

Is online social networking destroying our society?

You can update yourself by following a good and reliable channel/pages. Nowadays you can get more information with social then news media. Now it depends on you that you really want to make social media useful then it is possible. Otherwise, you can spend month after month on social media without any meaning.

It Takes discipline not to let social media steal your time…….!

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