Discrimination: Don’t Judge with Persons Attire
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02-Nov-2018 , Updated on 11/2/2018 1:31:52 AM

Discrimination: Don’t Judge with Persons Attire

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‘Discrimination’ means judging or treating someone unfairly just because of his/her certain characteristic or who he/she is. Discrimination on some certain characteristics like Gender, Caste, Age, Race, Sexual Orientation etc. was considered unlawful under the ‘Equality Act.’. If you are treated unfavorably just because someone thinks you do not belong to his/her level or any other particular group of people, this is unlawful discrimination.

Discrimination: Don’t Judge with Persons Attire

Every person has the right to get equal treatment and opportunity, whereas being in this so-called ‘Educated Society People’ they treat other uneducated or dressed up in traditional attire (Dhoti-Kurta). I witnessed this discrimination on the Public Transport and really made me feel bad that ‘how and why is it so?’

Let me share the incidence, in brief, to help you to understand what exactly it was and whether I am right with my opinion or not. A man in proper so-called dressed (Trouser and Shirt) with a tie and neatly done hair was sitting in front of me. After a while another man entered in the Traditional attire of Dhoti and Kurta, he was made to sit next to that man. But that man was not willing to do adjustment to let him sit properly. The man in Dhoti-Kurta somehow just managed to sit by squeezing himself. The man in Trouser and shirt behaved like nothing happened and the man next to him doesn’t exist. This continued to my complete and small journey. 

Discrimination: Don’t Judge with Persons Attire

While being in front of them during the journey, I was only thinking why he is doing this or is he is doing right behavior with this traditional attire man. After the journey, I was thinking about this incidence when I was in my idle state. But the incident for me was very heartwarming that an educated man is doing this behavior that what we can expect from less-educated or illiterate persons.

I think we must have to follow our etiquettes in front of others and don’t make others feel that he/she don’t belong to me or I am far superior and highly qualified with him/her. I think in a Public Place or in any Public Transport a person’s attire doesn’t matter. We both are equal because we both are willing to pay for that seat or journey, we both have to go to the same place then why the education or dress-up come in between to this. 

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