A society I dream of....!

If there is a question of leadership of society, then we should never forget that giving direction to society, giving new thinking, guiding future generation, creating a sense of sacrifice among society, making people responsive to society, is the work of us who lead it.

As far as the leadership qualities are concerned - if the leadership is seen in the present moment, then the leadership of the country and society should be easy for the younger generation and it should be monitored and guided by the senior, intelligent, doctor, engineer, lawyer and judges of the society that would be much more fruitful.

A society I dream of....!

In order to communicate a new energy to society, new energy leadership is needed. Today, 70 percent of the country's population is a youth, in order to understand the youth in such a situation; the society should be in the hands of the youth.

It is a matter of leadership, leadership should be given to the youth, but the surveillance should be done by senior intellectuals so that the carriage of society can give its entire

It is an honorable thing that a term on any post is adequate for any person to prove to himself, even after the general public does not want to, even if he wants to lead, then what is this Is it like a person to impose himself with society and the country, whether during a tenure he was not sufficient to prove himself, that he only wanted to catch him in the wheel of greed of the chair And what is the guarantee that he will now do something new which can not be done in the previous tenure, it is useless to expect it.

A society I dream of....!

 Its direct impact falls on the young generation of the country. Those who deserve to have good roads, jobs, good education, basic means, for which they are still struggling. Whose fault is it, the young generation or the ruling?

It is a matter of quality in the leadership of the society, that the highly educated and self-reliant people of the younger generation need to be brought forward, as it will not be self-sufficient, what will make the society self-sufficient, because a self-sufficient person can give direction to the society because he proves himself daily in society and in the country to make himself successful every day.

As far as our government officers and intellectuals are concerned, if they want to lead, they should serve the society in government service, "the power", so that they can use their power, resources, knowledge, energy Together with the same ability to do it for the society, otherwise it is misleading to talk about the development of society after retirement, and to give it direction because after retirement they are like Area weapons, power, age, energy, ability, passion are in the final stage, to talk to the leadership of society in such a way, it's my Nizimt is messing with the society, which is not going to be good for much of society.

A society I dream of....!

Such people talk about holding the leadership of the society while keeping them in government service, everyone gets their attention towards the work done for the society, if they have done something, keeping their work in mind, only with the People of the society join and people of the society cooperate with them. In the meantime, during his government service, his attitude towards the people of the society, he decides his success.

In such a situation, it is an opportunity to comment on the people on the activities of their entire career, which reduces the effectiveness of the leadership, while the youth leadership does not lack this because it is new.

I believe that the leadership of the society should be easy in the hands of new, energetic, youthful, self-reliant, 
highly educated person and such a youth should be made to create the pivot of the society, so that they can develop society for a long time.

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