Manmohan Tiwari, a lean and timid fellow with open mouth gasping for breath under scorching heat, enveloped with dust and smoke all around him controlling cars and bikes, letting them move and stop, head covered with Red Cap soaked with sweat was standing at the traffic spot. While my bus stood waiting for the light to get green, a man well cladded with a long car who was violating rule was stopped by him. The man emerged out of his vehicle and started rebuking him and awarded him with many laurels like “Chor” “Ghuskhor” and many other beautiful vulgar words. I intervened and counseled gentleman that he was just following the rules to let the system run smoothly. I requested man not to burst over him as he is a mere puppet of police administration and hardly anyone listens to him. Car men left looking at guard and me scornfully.  


Though notoriety has been pasted on the mindset of people that these policemen are crooked and grease their palms. They have been often quoted as bribes man, they may also be I don’t deny from this fact. But the pathetic condition of them and their families has never been portrayed. Though I am not advocating the devil but I don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush. A home guard who merely gets 375rs a day while affronting every odd element of life which is available in environment needs if not respect but a bit of sympathy.

Manmohan Tiwari a home guard said we are used to it. Many a time a woman educated modern and civilized when asked to follow the rules and regulations rebukes us and thrashes us as if we were a slave and India is still a colony. “Saheb Bada Log Hamesha Wardi Utarne Ki Dhamki Dete Hai” (Sir Higher people always threaten to de-employ us) Earlier it infuriates me but as of now I am used to it. Before leaving the spot I also passed some sermons to him that he should work sincerely and sympathetically.

When I reached office I googled there economic and service condition I found that India has nearly 6 lakhs home guards and UP has the lion’s share with 98,000. They get a salary of 500 a day which was 375 till this year. And interestingly though they dress them like policemen but work as daily wage laborers the number of days they will work the amount will be credited accordingly. Every state government of India increases or regulates their allowances and their discretion. But the delivery comes when they are not provided regular hike like other police personnel’s and even they become poster boy to stop buses and trucks to get bribe which is handed over to Sahab who at his discretion provides the amount. 


A man who braces every odds of the environment like smoke, dust and mental harassment for 8 hours daily needs improvements in his working condition as the atmosphere on the roads affects their lungs, eyes and body parts with no immunity provided to them. Before you call a home guard a Thulla or Mama please keep in mind he is the tiara of the police system and tries their best to let your loved ones reach home safely and timely.

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