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Route changes alert been made in the city....!

The city is going to sweat to go to Dhumanganj and come from there. Traffic from Cariappa gate to water tank crossroads is going to be closed for two months. This route will be fully restricted for the cities from August to September 30. It

Road Etiquette: Are We Indian's ever gonna learn some...?

Well, if I will start making a count how many basic etiquettes we Indians lack then it will take a few hours to wrap up the whole list. But with this write, I just want to put some light on the road etiquettes which we Indians are lacking.

Strict traffic management system is the demand of the hour…!

Our city is going through a major modification as the government has decided to change the whole scenario of Allahabad. Widening of roads, construction of over bridge, cleaning of holy rivers, initiation of new sewage systems, plantation of tre

Traffic jams in Allahabad are very frustrating

One need not talk about the acute suffering that people have to undergo these days on account of the acute traffic jam witnessed here.How is one to overcome this crisis?It may be

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