Route changes alert been made in the city....!

The city is going to sweat to go to Dhumanganj and come from there. Traffic from Cariappa gate to water tank crossroads is going to be closed for two months. This route will be fully restricted for the cities from August to September 30. It was decided in the meeting with DM and Railway officials on Thursday that there will be separate alternate routes for vehicles coming from both sides.  

The Traffic Police has prepared the entire template. In the meantime, in view of the huge crowds and jams on alternative routes, the traffic police will be deployed by creating points on the roads.

Following the meeting with the railway officials and the railway officials, SP Traffic Kuldeep Singh said that the traffic restrictions have been decided from August 1. If there is a problem in the middle then it can be applied on any day between August 2 and August instead of one August.

During this time vehicles going to the city of Dhumanjanj will be diverted from water tank overbridge to Khusrobag. From there, the vehicle will be moving from the old GD road to the fourfold flyovers. Vehicles coming from Dhumanjanj will be diverted from the supply depot. From there, going to the Circuit House, there will be near the Baba Chauraha.  

Route changes alert been made in the city....!

According to SP Traffic, there is a possibility of huge crowds on alternate routes during this period. Traffic police are already ready for this. The deployment of policemen will be made by making different points in the paths.

The path to the city of Dhumanganj has been made an alternative route. There are a lot of problems right there. The entire route narrows down from the old GT Road to Chapter Overbridge, through the water tank over the bridge. In such a case, large vehicles and four-wheelers are expected to get stuck. Roads from Khusarobagh to old GT Road have been excavated in many places.

If traffic constraints reach the Dhumanganj, it will be as hard as reaching another city. In Lukarganj, the whole path is excavated. Even the situation is so bad that the traffic of vehicles cannot be normal. The police say that the construction of roads is on the battlefield. It will be made soon.

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