Traffic jams in Allahabad are very frustrating

One need not talk about the acute suffering that people have to undergo these days on account of the acute traffic jam witnessed here.

How is one to overcome this crisis?

It may be recalled that several months ago the police authorities had announced some Helpline Numbers and said that if anyone finds himself trapped in the traffic jam he must call those numbers and the police will rush there to help the besieged person. I had then ridiculed this offer and called it a mere publicity stunt, arguing how the hell will the police van reach the trapped person in a major jam when there is no space for even a pedestrian to move an inch forward?

The police, I hope, will not say that they are suffering from manpower shortage even in their think-tanks if they have any.

The police people have no new ideas beyond standing at crossings and checking driving licenses and searching the persons of those whom they suspect to be suspicious characters. Such searches during peak hours add further to traffic chaos.

I would suggest that the top police officials should invite members of the public to give their suggestions. Who knows some of these suggestions may be helpful?

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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar 4 months ago  Reply

yes I agree with you.


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