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Does India need Religion !!!

What is your religion? Which color do you admire? Which flag do you hold in hand to promote your faith? You may be Hindu chanting ' Jai Shree Ram' or you may be Muslim intoning ' Naare takbir Allah hu Akbar'. If not among these you may be C

Who will cry???

It was raining cat and dog in the evening. Half soaked, l was waiting for my bus at the stand. The clouds were dark and roaring with their full might. I shivered as the cold gust of wind with rainwater hit the outer jetty of the stand

Why the use of sanitary pads a Taboo in our country?

Recently while watching television I saw an advertisement and I found it really interesting. So yeah it was about sanitary pads…. In the advertisement, a man is shown smoking cigarette in front of a hospital while her

A society I dream of....!

If there is a question of leadership of society, then we should never forget that giving direction to society, giving new thinking, guiding future generation, creating a sense of sacrifice among society, making people responsive to society,

All you need to know about Domestic Violence

The in-laws used to force me for too much household work that nails of my hands fell down, the husband grabbed the hair of my head in the greed of money, just because I was a girl, so my family threw me down from the moving train.<

Social issues which our country is dealing with....!

The most serious issue in India today is the absence of a faith in the temperances inside the well off and favored classes. This incorporates you judge a man by his or her character and activities, not by his skin shading or station. As such yo

Stray cattle on roads an issue which is been unseen from years….!

Yeah, I personally think that it’s the most unseen and neglected issue which needs to be revealed in a bigger level. The issue of stray cows on streets isn't new in India, and these creatures regularly expedite the stream of movement occupi

Should national anthems be played in cinema halls?

Playing national anthems in the theatres before the beginning of the movie wasn’t that big issue till our folks and media made it look like and made it a hype.Starting my write up by sharing up an incident which happe

*Money Is What Reign*

Since childhood, the only thing that, I have witnessed is, “The entire world revolves around money!” Peers might have not ever given a thought to how would the world be like if there is “No Currencies”Actually, it does not

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