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Toll Tax on Naini Bridge: Are locals liable to pay?

Those who come by car have to pay 20 rupees on one side and 30 rupees on both sides. Commercial light vehicles have to pay 35 rupees on one side and 50 rupees on both sides. Buses are taken 70 for one side and 105 rupees for both sides and Rs. 80

Rainfall affects Lucknow adversely….!

Return home in the night or day. Remember, what is the first reaction when you arrive home - thank you, escape from the pits.These days the first topic of discussion in Lucknow is, today there was so much water on the

Can we ever get rid with the filthy roads in our city?

I hope the picture I have posted above is very much visible to you and I request you to see it once again. So this is the picture of the city which I live in yeah I am talking about Allahabad. And I know Allahabad isn’t th

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