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Teaching: A profession that creates all other professions

You may have read this quote earlier too so what’s the first thought arouse in your mind when you read it? Think….It’s really a short quote buy if you just introspect a bit it’s too deep….! This quote reveals that a

Defecation in open: A leading cause of assaults

So, I woke up in the morning and I read this…..Two village girls who went to relieve themselves early in the morning went missing and after a search of the whole day by villagers, they were been found dead hanged on a Banya

Why the use of sanitary pads a Taboo in our country?

Recently while watching television I saw an advertisement and I found it really interesting. So yeah it was about sanitary pads…. In the advertisement, a man is shown smoking cigarette in front of a hospital while her

Be a nice citizen because it doesn't cost you a single penny...!

There are all types of citizens in a society, country or nation - very good, good, bad and very bad. Good and ideal citizens make the country power-rich, prosperous, happy, calm and organized. These citizens are of great importance in all p

India, Government, Economy and a dream of becoming a superpower nation....!

To become a superpower country, first of all, it is important that India become a big power.The big power in international relations is called the sovereign country, which has the potential to make its impact globally. The five permanen

Government going to get tough on road safety rules....!

Now driving vehicles in an alcoholic state or talking on mobile can prove to be expensive for you. As to curb road accidents, the government is going to take tough steps now. Apart from this, there is a plan to take steps to prevent corrupt

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

In the approach of the Smart Cities Mission, the goal was to advance urban communities that give a center framework and give an average personal satisfaction to its nationals, a perfect and economical condition and use of 'Shrewd' Solutions. The a

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

India is one of the most invaded places in the world throughout the recorded history. When you have too many invasions and fallen kingdoms every 100 - 150 years you lose stability. Your culture, history, knowledge, and economy gets destroye

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