Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

India is one of the most invaded places in the world throughout the recorded history. When you have too many invasions and fallen kingdoms every 100 - 150 years you lose stability. Your culture, history, knowledge, and economy gets destroyed resoundingly every 100 years to be replaced with another one. This loss contributes to starvation, unemployment, dacoity, and slavery. This was India from the times of Alexander the Great's to British in 1947. 

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

By the time India attained Independence in 1947, more than 570 princely states were added to the union. This is a huge number and this eventually formed the 7th largest country in the world.

Disheartening facts....!

 Over one-third of poor’s resides in our nation.

It’s a inculpate data point, that India is home to more over 1.3 billion individuals, which makes our country the second most inhabited nation on earth, with an oversized a part of their population living in poorness.

Over 67% of India’s population lives below the personal income. The capital metropolis, the nation’s most inhabited town, is home to over twenty-two million individuals. Around seventy-seven % of the residents reside in slum-like conditions.

Youngsters aren't properly attaining education

A vast quantity of kids isn't listed in class. Despite the associated improvement of literary rates to sixty-five % in 2001 from fifty-two % in 1991, several youngsters still not afforded a chance to attend college.

Immense enhancements are created, with over 114 million students listed in education within the twenty-first century, as critical 1950 average of solely 19 million. Despite the progress, around 20% of adolescent youngsters aren't listed in class.

A huge gender inequality exists among the first education system, with girls a lot of doubtless to not be listed in class and over ninety million ladies being illiterate.

Employment opportunities are habitually unrealizable to lower class

Social cues area unit deeply stock-still within the nation’s cloth, in conjunction with non-secular ties. Even if the conception isn't unremarkably spoken of, the status-quo of the class structure is implanted into the state.

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

Our nation has an associate awful quantity of orphans

Street youngsters, outlined as ‘children who continue to exist on the streets with none adult care or supervision’ area unit a distressing perplexity.

With over a hundred million ‘street children’ throughout the planet, around twenty million area unit calculable to reside in India’s cities. The calculable figure is taken into account considerably not up to the particular quantity. Poorness struck youngster’s area unit often the targets of abuse and exploitation, as several area units pushed into forced labor also as being physically and sexually abused.

How can poverty be eradicated?

Eradicating poverty requires self-sufficiency. Any system dependent upon management by a government, non-profit or business will eventually fail. 

Listing down the ways which I personally think would be the most appropriate in reducing our country:

Population Control

Population in India has been increasing rapidly. The growth rate of population is 1.8%. For removal of poverty the growth rate of the population should be lowered.

Hike in Employment and Job opportunity programs:

Special measures should be taken to solve the problems of unemployment and disguised unemployment. Agriculture should be developed. Our Government can develop cottages and small workforce or you can say small-scale industries in the backward areas to increase the chances of employment.

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

Equal income distribution:

A slight increase in the ratio of production and control overpopulation is never going to eradicate poverty in our nation. So, it is necessary that inequality in the distribution of income should be reduced.

Regional Poverty:

According to the reports and survey over 60% of the poor resides in states of Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. So government of our country needs to show special care and should give concession for investment in these regions.  


The agriculture should be developed to remove poverty. Hike in the growth rate of agriculture production will help to remove urban as well as rural poverty. The agriculture section should enhanced with new machines and should modernized with the most relevant technologies. 

"Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid,

it’s man-made and can be reduced by the actions of human being s"

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Tarun Gautam

Tarun Gautam 6 months ago  Reply

The Ways poverty can be reduced are as follows :

Poverty: The Worst form of silence....!

  • Launch schemes For providing Food to the poor and giving shelter 
  • The government should provide jobs so that the poor people can earn and can control their Family household
  • Education should be made absolutely free in Government schools so that they learn how to read and write 
  • They should start donations Where people could donate books and clothes to the poor 
  • The Government should also start making Campaigns to earn Funds for the poor
  • When a higher authority like a Prime minister or any other minister comes to the city the city is decorated well but so many poor people could get Shelter and food in that money

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