Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

In the approach of the Smart Cities Mission, the goal was to advance urban communities that give a center framework and give an average personal satisfaction to its nationals, a perfect and economical condition and use of 'Shrewd' Solutions. The attention is on reasonable and comprehensive improvement and the thought is to take a gander at reduced territories, make a replicable model which will act like a beacon another yearning for urban communities.

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

The smart city concept of the Government was the top-notch during the 2014 election. It intended to set illustrations that can be recreated both inside and outside the Smart City, catalyzing the making of comparative Smart Cities in different locales and parts of the nation.

So what are the things which strikes in your mind whenever you heard the world smart city? I guess this is what you think:

  • A city where the climate is pure, people can breathe in the open air.
  • Supply of electricity and water is smooth 24 hours.
  • No electricity cut.
  • People throughout the day do not have to struggle in traffic, public transport available which is world-class.

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

  • Basic amenities, such as bookings, bill collection, etc., will be very easy. Roads, Buildings, Shopping Mall, Cineplex, everything is planned.
  • Unlawful colonies do not have rotten lanes.
  • No slums.
  • Look at a city where there is a resemblance to the living conditions of people.
  • There is no visible garbage on the roads.
  • The roads are completely clean.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art colleges, hospitals, and other state-of-the-art facilities.
  • From electric grid to sewer pipe in the city everything is in good network.

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

  • Roads, cars and buildings are all connected to one network. Turn off the building automatically, automatic cars find parking for yourself.
  • A city whose trash is also smart.
  • Instead of getting a line for gas cylinders, the pipeline comes to the house.
  • There is a system where crime can diminish and people can live comfortably.

 What are the challenges?

  • There are all the cities of India that are not available till the right mapping.
  • There is a lot of illegal occupation in all the cities. Sewer lines are random.
  • Cities have been created randomly.
  • Most of the people of the city have been forced to throw garbage on the road.
  • People from all the cities are skilled in running katiya and running electricity.
  • Most cities have settled in the streets, how to make them smart?
  • In most cities, people do not follow traffic light.

What will happen after becoming smart?

In like manner, the motivation behind the Smart Cities Mission is to drive monetary development and enhance the personal satisfaction of individuals by empowering neighborhood and outfitting innovation, particularly innovation that prompts Smart results.

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

Zone-based advancement will change existing regions (retrofit and redevelop), including ghettos, into better-arranged ones, in this way enhancing the livability of the entire City. New zones (Greenfield) will be created around urban areas with a specific end goal to oblige the extending populace in urban zones.

Use of Smart Solutions will empower urban areas to utilize innovation, data, and information to enhance framework and administrations. Far-reaching advancement along these lines will enhance personal satisfaction, make business and upgrade salaries for all, particularly poor people and the hindered, prompting comprehensive Cities.

So the concept of making a city smart still looks much burred as still, I didn’t find any such development or initiatives been taken by the government. I mean the way the concept of smart cities was been hyped during the 2014 election and now after 4 years, there is no such exceptional change in our surrounding.

Smart Cities Reality or Dream?

Whether it’s a power cut problem, improper sanitation facility, garbage on roads in-appropriate public transport the problem of common folks have unchanged over years.

No wonder these major changes takes a decent duration of times it cannot take place within one or two years I hope the smart cities will be much more beautiful than the way we have imagined.

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