Iran admits to supplying drones to Russia.


Iran admits to supplying drones to Russia.

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Since Russia began its invasion in late February, self-detonating drones have been a major factor in the fight. Using Shahed-136 drones built in Iran, Ukraine has recently reported an increase in drone assaults on civilian infrastructure, including power plants and dams. Russian soldiers denied the allegation about using Iranian Drones. 
       A real-time mini-camera developed by a Hong Kong company, which expressed 'very sorry' that its goods were being used in war, was also discovered in the examination as Mohajer-6 components made in China

'Non-Iranian, non-Russian entities should also exercise great caution to avoid supporting either the development of Iranian UAVs or their transfer, or sale of any military equipment to Russia for use against Ukraine,' U.S. Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson said in a statement while announcing the sanctions 

According to Raisi, numerous nations longed for Iranian-made weapons. People approached me and requested that we sell them military supplies, he stated in a speech. 'Why us?' There are so many other countries, I questioned them. Because yours are superior, they said. The numerous claims that Iran has sold 1,000 self-detonating devices have been dismissed by the foreign ministry of Iran as'false and unfounded.' 

On 22 oct they considered this as false allegation to defame their country but on 6 Nov they accepted the truth of selling drones to the Russia.  

He was cited as adding, 'This fuss made by some Western countries that Iran has sent missiles and drones to Russia to support the battle in Ukraine - the missile portion is entirely incorrect.' He claimed, 'The drone portion is real, and we gave Russia a few drones months before the Ukraine war.' 

Later Zelansky replied'If Iran continues to lie about the obvious, it means the world will make even more efforts to investigate the terrorist cooperation between the Russian and Iranian regimes and what Russia pays Iran for such cooperation,' he said. 

Putin visited Iran in July of this year, and the west denounced Iran for its decision to meet with the Russian president. West demanded sanctions against Russia from all nations. Although Iran's economy is fragile and helping Russia in the conflict will result in isolation and sanctions from all the nations supporting Ukraine. Iran and Russia do view the US as their enemy. As a result, although Iran doesn't want to admit it, they are assisting Russia. 

A week prior to Putin's arrival The US has suspicions that Iran would sell tens of thousands of drones to Russia. Ukraine later shot a few Iranian-made drones after Putin and Ayatollah Ali al- Khamenei's meeting. Interestingly, the leader of Iran claims that before the war started, they sold drones, unaware that they would subsequently be used against Ukraine, and that all they want is peace between the two nations. This also appears to be a complete lie. 

Anyhow Iran has some really good drones. The majority of the nation's network of power plants were destroyed last month by 300 Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. These drones are small, so they can't be detected until they are close. The only negative is how slowly it moves. Russia might aid Iran in producing nuclear weapons in exchange for drones. Saudi Arabia has disclosed intelligence suggesting they could be attacked by Iran. 

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