Russia recruiting Afghan special forces who fought with US to fight in Ukraine

01-Nov-2022 , Updated on 11/2/2022 6:42:06 AM

Russia recruiting Afghan special forces who fought with US to fight in Ukraine

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Russia and Ukraine are still engaged in a deadly war. Russian men are required to complete training before enlisting in the military. 200000 Russian men left the country as a result of this. While sanctions have been placed on Russia, Ukraine receives supplies from a variety of nations. Russia has closed off every route Ukraine might take for supplies in an effort to put pressure, leaving millions of people hungry. Russia's next issue could be a lack of men. Putin is strategically appointing former American-allied Afghan soldiers to deal with this.

Thousands of people died after the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, including former soldiers and police officers. They fought against them, and as a result, they were discovered and slaughtered with their families. After witnessing the cruelty, soldiers fled to several nations, mostly Iran. Handful of the 20,000–30,000 Afghans who fought alongside the US were granted US visas, and only a privileged were flown, the elite. The remainder of them perished horribly at the Taliban's hands.

Putin is fully aware that these soldier  are well-trained and that those who previously offered them hope for independence and liberation have abandoned them. They can be sent to Afghanistan at any time by Iran. They are aware that returning to Afghanistan will result in their horrific deaths as well as that of their families. Additionally, Russia is providing them with payments of $1,500 per month and assurances of safe havens for them and their families.

In 2002, the US Geological Survey (USGS) studied the levels of natural resources in Afghanistan and confirmed it possessed large quantities of gold, copper, iron and rare metals, including hydrocarbon resources. In an effort to 'develop' the country, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supervises the management of every Afghan state enterprise. Since 2006, the US has overseen the privatization of Afghan gas and mineral extraction to US, British, Canadian and Chinese companies. Many Afghans believe the privatization of Afghanistan's natural resources is a major component in the strategy of NATO states. 

The people in every country US entered despised them. Numerous innocent people have been murdered by them, and they later even defended their crimes.
If Russia's actions in Ukraine are wrong, then all the killings that have taken place over the years but never even made headlines are also wrong. Western nations should also be condemned for having killed innocent people in the name of security. Exploiting the resources of a weak and poor nation shouldn't be acceptable. Will they dig deep into Ukraine's home in the name of aid?
Everyone should condemn the killing of innocent people. Life in Yemen is just as vital as life in Ukraine. Every life has value.


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