Russian Warship Moskva Sunk in the Black Sea
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16-Apr-2022, Updated on 8/8/2022 12:41:55 AM

Russian Warship Moskva Sunk in the Black Sea

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Russian Warship, Moskva missile cruiser has sunk in the Black Sea


Ukrainian officials said on Thursday for the Russian Warship sunk, that the Russian vessel had been hit by one of their anti-ship missiles and causing an explosion on board.


Russian Defence Minister confirmed the news of the sinking of the Russian missile cruiser, the flagship in the Black Sea. The news has been confirmed by the Pentagon Itself as it said the ship had “experienced significant damage” and was battling a fire. US defence ministry official said “We can’t say definitively what caused this explosion and the subsequent fire,” further he added “it could have been the result of a missile strike and it could have been something else. We just don’t know.”


Russian Warship Moskva Sunk in the Black Sea
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As per a western official “the loss of the Moskva is a significant loss… in terms of credibility for the Russian forces, regardless of how it happened.”


Here the warship of Russia has sunk in the Black Sea, as confirmed by the Russian Official itself, hence the loss of Russians is confirmed and understandable but, to accept the Ukrainian attack on the Russian warship was the cause of Moskva’s sinking might be light.


Russia can defend against such attacks with its anti-missiles technology but here if we accept the Ukraine Attack against Russian Warship then again a question arises about the capability of Russia to defend against the attack.


There is also news found that before destroying the ship, Defence Ministry issued a statement telling us “the vessel is s4eriously damage and the entire crew have been evacuated.”


The sunk Warship of Russia was originally built in Ukraine and came into service in the early 1980s, as the Russian media said. The missile cruiser was first deployed to the Syria conflict and there it supplied Russian forces in the country with naval protection.

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