Shanghai Covid Cases Surge disturb the Pandemic Peace in china


Shanghai Covid Cases Surge disturb the Pandemic Peace in china

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China’s Coronavirus cases surge compelled the authority to impose restricted lockdown

Covid-19 cases in Shanghai, China is accelerating day by day in numbers and now current numbers have broken the record of the two years of the pandemic. Shanghai is also known as the financial hub and now reports 26,087 positive cases on Sunday.

Shanghai Covid Cases Surge disturb the Pandemic Peace in china

People and the city have been on lockdown for weeks with strict rules and regulations after Shanghai had reported an all-time high. The people of Shanghai are struggling to find food and medical care.

China is the country where, the first time the Coronavirus was detected and didn’t reveal the true information and facts about the virus, as says WHO.
There is nothing to eat and bare medical facilities for the people of the city after imposing a strict lockdown in Shanghai, China. Schools and colleges were shifted online instead to attend it physically.

There is also a question that arises in our mind, what’s the management of China for the coronavirus pandemic? More recently it said to follow the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ which means not a single case of such virus will remain in the country.

Private Companies and factories are suspending their work amid a surge of Corona cases. The official news agency Xinhua said about the virus “China’s medical system would risk a collapse leading to enormous loss of life if it gives up on epidemic prevention and control,” he said.

Where other countries are trying to accommodate the virus, china’s approach to “Zero Policy” could give an adverse impact on the healthcare management of the country.
Lockdown in such a financial city of any country means a huge misbalance in its management.
Omicron Variant is the mostly found variant in Shanghai that alerts the authority of the city.

China has increased the number of testing and number of beds in hospitals.

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