China is again under a massive attack of Corona Virus


China is again under a massive attack of Corona Virus

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Hong Kong for the first time reports 30,000 cases with 200 deaths per day

China is sticking to its Zero Covid Goal and imposed a strict lockdown in China to comply with its vision. Let me tell you the means of Zero Covid Goal is 0 positive cases in China, where other countries are learning to adjust with the virus in the same room in the same bed, China has strictly told to defeat the coronavirus in China.

 China is again under a massive attack of Corona Virus

The present condition of China is very bad where the cases reached the apex in comparison to the previous years. In Mainland, thousands of cases are being reported per day and now millions of people are being forced under strict lockdown.

The massive surge in the positive cases of the Covid- 19 virus is being reported in the region of China where the virus was ineffective in earlier days like Hong Kong where more than 30,000 thousand cases and 200 plus deaths have been reported at the present situation in the city. 

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The virus was discovered in Wuhan, a city in China. After spreading to the whole world it showed its strength of severity which resulted in terms of losing uncountable lives and deteriorating the economy of the world.

China is again under a massive attack of Corona Virus

China is adhering to its policy of Zero Covid and hence it imposed a strict lockdown in the cities of China including Hong Kong and Wuhan. The guidelines of the lockdown are strict and restrict the country’s people to live in free air.

China has the highest population in the world and hence it has the greater responsibility against such pandemics effective all over the world. The virus is going towards receiving the tag of the world’s longest pandemic after flu. Scientists have advised the Chinese Government to deal with the virus by making the people vaccinated rather than restricting them in their homes.

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