West Bengal Birbhum Violence and Politics

25-Mar-2022 , Updated on 3/25/2022 12:47:39 AM

West Bengal Birbhum Violence and Politics

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Eight people including three women and two children were burnt alive

On Monday, 21 March 2022 the sub marginalized poor people were locked in their homes and brutally beaten up by Trinamool party members, and burnt alive in Bogtui village near Rampurhat town, West Bengal.

West Bengal Birbhum Violence and Politics

The incident of the massacre was witnessed after a local Trinamool Congress leader, Bhadu Sheikh, was killed in a crude bomb attack. It is believed that the incident of the massacre was a retaliate action of Bhadu’s death by the supporter of the Trinamool Leader.

The witnessed members described the incident what they had seen with their eyes to Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal, they said “Didi” we saw their families attacked and they named local Trinamool leader Anarul Sheikh as one of main the attackers.

One of the closed people Hasina Bibi said “Anarul is a bad person. He beat up my sons earlier too. Badu’s men also attacked my sons,” said a relative of the victim.

A victim’s family member Mofiza Bibi whose family member was killed in an incident said “After Bhadu died, his three brothers and his two sons got together and set fires. They killed our mothers by stabbing them. Then they set it on fire.”

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Another man Sheikhlal Sheik said about the incident “these people were in business together. They all took their share. The kigpin was Anarul. Bhadu and Anarul worked together and had the police on their side.”

The incident should be investigated by the Central Investigation authority CBI as said by the family members of the killed person.

West Bengal Birbhum Violence and Politics

No doubt the case should be delivered to the CBI because the member who was to be the main attacker was the member of the Trinamool Congress Member hence in such circumstances there is a possibility to cheat with the pieces of evidence.

The incident is nationally covered by all media after Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated about the Incident in Kolkata when he was inaugurating the Victoria Hall. PM said the crime is Heinus and the perpetrators should be punished hard.

PM said, “I hope the state government will definitely ensure that those who have committed such heinous crimes are punished.”

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Further added “I urged the people of Bengal to never forgive the perpetrators of such incidents, those who encourage such criminals. The center would extend all sorts of help to the state government to ensure the culprits are booked,” said PM.

West Bengal Birbhum Violence and Politics

When I have heard about the incident it was very tough to believe the facts of the incidents that how yth4eie family members were stabbed and fired alive in a locked house in a sleeping silent night. The said culprit is a Leader of the Trinamool Congress and that tells a clear connection by the ruling party in West Bengal.

The body of the victims also not was given to their family members which shows the government is trying to hide the proof of the incident. The incident leaves a shameful movement for Mamata Banerjee who was not even able to dominate law and order in the Indian State.

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