Donald Trump Roams Freely Despite Corona Infection ! : Is This The Way ?


Donald Trump Roams Freely Despite Corona Infection ! : Is This The Way ?

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US President Donald Trump, who is undergoing treatment for Coronavirus, came out of the hospital for a while to meet his supporters. On Sunday, Trump came out of the Walter Reed Military Hospital in a vehicle with full security for a while and waved at supporters. The US President is getting a lot of criticism on social media for leaving the hospital in the midst of treatment.

Trump without mask was seen in the car. All the other staff also wore masks. It is being said that due to this, Trump is trying to tell that his health is better now and he can start back the election campaign soon. 

Shortly before leaving the hospital, Trump had released a video on his Twitter saying that he could give a surprise visit to his 'patriots'. Trump, who has violated the Public Health Guidelines many times, said in the video, 'It was a very fun journey. I learned a lot about COVID-19 by going to 'real school'. This is a real school, not a book school. I understand now Am. ' 

Donald Trump has been accused of taking the coronavirus epidemic lightly and giving false information about it. In such a situation, he is getting a lot of criticism for getting out of the hospital in the middle of treatment. People say that by doing this, Trump has put the Secret Service agents at risk. 

Criticizing Trump, Dr. James Phillips, head of Disaster and Operation Medicine at the Emergency Medicine Department of George Washington University School of Medicine, wrote in a tweet, 

'During this absolutely non-essential' drive-by ', every person in the vehicle will now be quarantined for 14 days. They can fall ill. They can also die. For political theater. This is crazy. ' 

Dr. Phillips wrote that the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection inside the car is as much as outside. Trump is being heavily criticized on Twitter. Many people called it another 'photo-op'. 

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US President Donald Trump went to Walter Reed Military Hospital for treatment of Coronavirus infection. Suddenly on Monday, he came back to the White House. It was claimed that Trump was not well, but better than before, so he decided to visit the White House. However, on his return he reiterated that the world need not fear Corona. Experts are concerned that Trump himself has not been able to understand the severity of the epidemic despite being ill and is still adopting a lax attitude. 

After returning to the White House, the President climbed the stairs of the South Portico and removed the mask. He then said that he was fine. He also said goodbye to the returning helicopter. After this, he entered the White House without wearing a mask. Trump also tweeted before leaving the hospital that he would soon start campaigning. 

Donald Trump had even called the Democrat candidate bad for wearing masks, then why would he wear masks himself? If Donald Trump wants to ensure the victory of the Republican Party, then he should follow the Corona Safety Protocol first, then he will be taken seriously in public. This is not the way Mr. Trump! You are not well yet you have reached the White House? After all, if you do not take coronavirus seriously;u yourself, then obviously it is dishonest to say anything.

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