Who Are Proud Boys Group Of USA ?


Who Are Proud Boys Group Of USA ?

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In November, there was a debate between incumbent President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden in view of the US presidential election. It mentioned Proud Boys, which caught everyone's attention. Actually, it is the group that considers themselves superior (white supremacist) on a racial basis.

After the controversy broke out, Trump gave a statement in the White House that he did not know any such group. By the way, the mention of this group has come many times since the death of black American American Floyd. Know, who are these proud boys and what is their relationship with Trump. 

 Who is this group ? 

The Proud Boys is an extremist-recognized group that considers itself superior in color. This neo-fascist group was formed a few years ago. It was started by Gravin Meknes, co-founder of the popular American Canadian media group Vice Media. The group is mainly known for its anti-Muslim views and practices. Even the US Intelligence Department FBI has called it an extremist group.  

 Only men are members  

In the Proud Boys, as the name suggests, there are only male members. Not only do they discriminate on the basis of fair complexion, but their victims of hate are women, Muslims, and transgender as well. Overall, the Proud Boys are a group that does not accept every person or community that looks different or is different from themselves.  

 Group denies violence  

However, the group claims that it is not racist. A report by the Indian Express quoted USA Today's statement of the current leader of the Proud Boys Group. Its current leader of African-Cuban origin, Centric Terio, says that his group is not part of any kind of racist activity. Nor do they resort to any violence to better themselves.  

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What does this group do?  

Members of the Proud Boys have often been seen to be part of such rallies that favor white supremacy. Even they are often seen committing violence against blacks and Muslims in America and Canada. 

The group also has a dress code to differentiate itself. They put on red caps, which says - Make America Great Again. Let us know that this was the famous slogan of Trump's first election rally in 2016.  

In fact, during the debate, the anchor of Fox News spoke to Trump about violence against people of black origin. During this period, Trump appeared to avoid making any harsh statements about white supremacy. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden came to the beach. He spoke of blaming the Proud Boys for the violence. Then Trump said - Proud Boys - Stand Back and Stand By ...! This answer also remained like the other answers of apartheid. However, after this, Trump had talked about Antifa to tighten the necessary rein. They have been an attacker on Antifa even before this.  

What is Antifa? 

In America, the anti-fascist group is known as Antifa. The beginning of Antifa Group is believed to be between 1920 and 1930. Well, it started in the year 1930 in America. It is found in Mark Bray's book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook. These people claim to stand against neo-Nazi, fascism, and apartheid.  

Antifa members are often dressed in black from head to toe. And lead any violence against blacks anonymously. These organizations, generally considered peace-loving, do not abstain from violence and carry chili powder, knives, poles, and bricks with them if needed.  

After Floyd's death in late May, Trump had to hide in a bunker after a demonstration in front of the White House. Later, after coming out, he accused Antifa of inciting violence. But since everyone joins Antifa anonymously, they could not be identified. 

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