Donald Trump's Corona Infection & Doom's Day Plan


Donald Trump's Corona Infection & Doom's Day Plan

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Just a month before the presidential elections, Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were confirmed to be infected with Corona. With this, the US Defense Ministry launched the nuclear doomsday plane.

This is the situation when no one can contact the President and this plan is launched for the security of the country, which is a kind of warning that if anyone tampers with the security of America, then he should be given a nuclear attack. ) Have to withstand. By the way, the Corona of Trump can bring many big changes.

First of all, we know about the condition of the President. According to Trump's Physician Sean P. Connally, at the moment there is nothing to worry about his health. Let me tell you that the 74-year-old trumps are in that age range, which is not considered good for Corona. Apart from this, according to a report by CNN, the trumpet with a height of 6 feet, 3 inches is also obese. The corona trend suggests that corona infection of obese patients can be three times as severe. 

Treatment in a military hospital 

However, apart from this, no such disease is known in the trump, which can make them more sensitive by joining the corona. Overall, only mild symptoms such as cold and tiredness are being seen in the trump. For the time being, Trump will spend a day in a military hospital outside Washington for treatment of coronavirus but will continue to work. 

 Where will this effect of corona appear 

The superpower trump sitting on the most important post in the country can affect in many places. This is what the Defense Ministry's nuclear doomsday plane brings. Under this, it is believed that if a country thinks of attacking the country by taking advantage of the sickness of the President, then it has to be fought in full. This is the reason that the plane is launched in advance to warn the enemies. 

Under this, two E-6B Mercury planes are continuously patrolling on both sides of the country. They are working to monitor. If America is attacked, these aircraft will approach ballistic-missile submarines and these submarines will respond to the enemy country with nuclear missiles. 

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What does the American constitution say 

This is an initiative to save the country from external attacks. Also, there is a mention in the US Constitution that what should be done if the President becomes seriously ill. According to research institute Brookings Institution, if this happens, then the 25th amendment of Section 3 of the US Constitution can be resorted to.

Under this, the President can tell that he is not currently able to handle the office work. As soon as the President does so, the Vice President immediately comes in his role as caretaker. 

This has happened during the tenure of US President Ronald Reagan. Similarly, it has been done during the years 2002 and 2207 during George W. Bush. Explain that Article 3 of the Constitution was used even when Bush had to faint for a few hours for surgery. 

By the way, just before the election itself, the impact of Trump getting infected can also affect the voters. Trump often refused to wear masks and continued to go without masks in public rallies. He even mocked his rival, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask.

Now, just before he was confirmed to be infected, Trump had announced that the coronavirus has almost disappeared from the US and the next year will be the golden year of the country's history. However, both Trump and his wife are now positive, making their claims of victory over Corona seem hollow. It may be that it will have a negative impact on the voters.

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